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We cannot wait to see you around the campfire again! Girls need connection more than ever, and summer camp is the perfect place for it - so we are making changes to keep girls safe.

We are not offering individual troop camping through 2021. All camp activities and events will be Council Sponsored to ensure all health and safety guidelines are followed. Camps will have reduced capacities and enhanced cleaning measures, and activities will be adapted for social distancing.

Click on the link below to check out our Camp and Outdoor Guide for 2021. Registration is on CampDoc. Shawano Saturday sessions are open for registration now. Camp Judy Layne summer sessions and climbing sessions will open on Monday, February 15, 2021.


     Do you want to go hiking, but you aren't sure how to start? Below is the Camper Naturalist Hiking patch which has activities you can do to learn how to go hiking safely. 

Camper Naturalist Hiking Patch

   Do you love the outdoors and want to learn more about nature and learn some skills that are used in the out-of-doors? A naturalist has lots of different skills. They know how to take care of themselves in the outdoors and they know a little about zoology, biology, ecology, and botany. In this first of the Naturalist series, we’ll explore hiking which covers taking care of yourself in the outdoors. There are activities, games, and information to help you Discover more about the outdoors, Connect with the outdoors, and Take Action to help improve the outdoors or to help others learn about the outdoors. 

     Here is the link to the booklet. It was made to be printed front and back, but just follow the page numbers at the bottom if you print it single sided. When you are finished you can purchase the Camper Naturalist Hiking Patch for $3 if you want to add it to your collection. Contact for more information.

Camper Naturalist Booklet

Due to COVID we are not offering the climbing tower, archery, canoeing or teams course to individual troops camping or renting to non-scout groups. Please check the TAP calendar for upcoming Adventure Days.