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Cookies and camp are part of the journey. But changing the world? That’s the real destination! She'll do amazing things at each adventure!

Be a mentor, a guiding star, an inspiration, a friend. Show girls everything that they’re capable of and unleash your inner leader.


Blog: Along Kentucky's Wilderness Road

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Girl Scouts Can do ‘Virtually’ Anything!

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In response to Covid-19, Girl Scouts of Kentucky’s Wilderness Road (GSKWR) closed offices, postponed events, suspended cookie booths and door-to-door sales and cancelled camp, but Girl Scouts was not closed. GSKWR quickly pivoted to develop remote work plans, a Cookie Relief Campaign, and virtual learning experiences, programs and trainings to stay connected to girls and volunteers. These changes demonstrated the resilience, sisterhood and community that has helped Girl Scouts move from COVID crisis to COVID-recovery.

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