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Patch Earning Opportunities

Patch programs provide Girl Scouts an opportunity to enjoy a variety of activities while learning important skills.  Most patch programs are available to Girl Scouts of all grade levels, and some will list different requirements to complete the patch, depending on grade level.  Completing patch programs will help your Girls along their Journey, and may satisfy requirements for certain badges.  Check back for more patch programs to be added in the future!

A Year in the Life of Juliette
A Year in the Life of Juliette Patch

Celebrate the life of our founder, Juliette Gordon Low, with the Year in the Life of Juliette Patch program. Every month will bring a challenge, with a new patch, that focuses on the important work that Juliette did, and the values that she encouraged in Girl Scouting. There are no specific requirements for the center patch. Each month has a different topic relating to something that was important to Juliette Gordon Low. Each month’s patch can be displayed around the center patch, and if girls complete all 12 programs, they will have a complete series. Girls can choose to earn all 12 patches in one year, or over a series of years. This patch program also makes a great event or Twilight Camp!

Camp Naturalist

     Do you love the outdoors and want to learn more about nature and learn some skills that are used in the out-of-doors? A naturalist has lots of different skills. They know how to take care of themselves in the outdoors and they know a little about zoology, biology, ecology, and botany. In this first of the Naturalist series, we’ll explore hiking which covers taking care of yourself in the outdoors. There are activities, games, and information to help you Discover more about the outdoors, Connect with the outdoors, and Take Action to help improve the outdoors or to help others learn about the outdoors. 

     Here is the link to the booklet. It was made to be printed front and back, but just follow the page numbers at the bottom if you print it single sided. When you are finished you can purchase the Camper Naturalist Hiking Patch for $3 to add to your collection, by contacting

Camper Naturalist Booklet

Donate Life

Girl Scouts across the country show a commitment to make the world a better place every day. Learning about and promoting donation education is just another way for Girl Scouts to do what they do best… change the world.

Organ, eye and tissue donors save and heal lives. We each have the power and responsibility to help others. Many people are in need of lifesaving and healing transplants. By telling more people about donation and asking people to register their decision, we can take small steps towards the goal of saving and healing more lives.

To order patches contact Stephanie Grooms at

Encourage friends and family to become organ donors and register at

Donate Life Patch Program

Girl Scout Birthday Week

2023 Girl Scout Week

Each year, National Girl Scout Week is celebrated in March around the birthday of Girl Scouts on March 12. This year it will be celebrated across the country on March 12-18. Girl Scouts around the globe will celebrate the wonderful Girl Scout sisterhood spanning over 100 years of Girl Scout history and traditions, as well as current Girl Scout Go-Getters, Innovators, Risk-Takers, and Leaders.

The activities in this patch program, have been inspired by a combination of many different facets of the Girl Scout organization, including: the celebration of Girl Scout week, GSUSA curriculum and Girl Scout traditions.  The variety of activities will encourage all Girl Scouts, no matter their interest or age to participate in this patch program. 

This patch program should be used to encourage Girl Scouts of all grade levels to observe the significance of Girl Scout week, Girl Scout traditions, and to help them demonstrate pride in being a member of the world’s largest organization for girls. 

Girl Scout Birthday Week Patch Program 

Patches may be purchased at your local Girl Scouts of Kentucky's Wilderness Road retail store. The patch is to be worn on the back of the vest. 

Go Red for Girls, Heart Healthy Patch

KentuckyOne Health and the American Heart Association have partnered with The Girl Scouts of Kentucky’s Wilderness Road Council to educate young girls in central and eastern Kentucky about their hearts and how to keep them healthy. The goal of the Go Red Girl Scout Patch program is to raise awareness of heart disease and the risks that it poses for women. By encouraging healthy heart habits early in life, we hope to help girls begin a lifetime of healthy living.

Learn more here!


Green Dot for Girl Scouts

The Green Dot Program is an anti-bullying, violence prevention program created by Dr. Dorothy Edwards. The Green Dot violence Prevention Strategy was initially developed in a college setting.  Dorothy Edwards  developed it here at UK and served for five years as the founding Director of the Violence Intervention and Prevention Center  at the University of Kentucky.  From there Dr Edwards adapted the program for high school students and then for middle school students. 

The Green Dot program’s goal is to help Girl Scouts learn how to safely spot and identify a bully;  and how to help another child who is being bullied.  Girls learn to be active role models for healthy relationships and create an environment where Girl Scouts do not accept bullying, teasing and aggression as the norm but they become active participants in prevention.

Observe! Patch Program

Observe your community in a new way! View your neighborhood through the lens of urban ecology and propose ways to celebrate, heal, repair, or transform the places you care about. Host a Jane Jacobs Walk to talk with members of your community about why your neighborhood is unique. Discover changemakers and champions who have made critical observations in their communities, connect with other Girl Scouts and Girl Guides around the world, and take action in your community by using the power of observation and creative action. This patch program is a great stepping stone for pursuing a highest award!

Learn more here! 


Pinwheel to Prevention

Prevent Child Abuse Kentucky is a chapter of Prevent Child Abuse America dedicated to the prevention of child abuse in all its forms and to ensure that every child in the state of Kentucky has a happy, healthy childhood.

Prevent Child Abuse Kentucky is seeking to collaborate with Girl Scouts Troops throughout the state of Kentucky to create educational steps where members are given the opportunity to share public awareness through the planting of pinwheels (the national symbol for Prevent Child Abuse) during the month of April with the overall goal of earning a patch for this community service. 

Earn your Pinwheel to Prevention patch by completing the patch program. 2023 Patch Program Guide 

Check out additional ways to get involved!

Wear Blue Day - March 31, 2023:

PCAK will host their annual photo contest on social media. Details on how to enter are available exclusively on their app! 


Promise to Vote

Girl Scouts in an all-inclusive, non-partisan organization. Promise to Vote is a Girl Scout Service Project that is non-partisan. The purpose of the Promise to Vote Service Project is to raise awareness about the importance of voting and community involvement.

Girl Scouts of Kentucky's Wilderness Road offers the Promise to Vote Patch Program during a presidential election year. The most recent presidential election was November 3, 2020. We look forward to offering this great program again for the next presidential election in 2024.

Voting is the ultimate form of community activism, the message that voters give when casting a vote is, "I count and I can make a difference!" Young people can count, when the adults in their lives vote. 


Read Ready Kentucky

Read Ready Kentucky is a nonprofit organization that's goal is to equip students with the power to change the world through reading with every child and adult - one page at a time! This patch program was developed by Hannah Edelen, Miss Kentucky,  to share with Girl Scouts across the state.

She has used her power to champion the cause for literacy and developed “Read Ready Kentucky,” a literacy initiative that advocates for accessible materials in every corner of the Commonwealth one child and one page at a time. Hannah wants youth to be able to find their power through reading! 

Read Ready Kentucky Patch Program Guide

Patches may be purchased at your local Girl Scouts of Kentucky's Wilderness Road retail store. The patch is to be worn on the back of the vest. 

Shop and Share

As part of Girl Scout’s historic collaboration with the Kentucky Coalition Against Domestic Violence, Girl Scouts are helping Kentucky's First Lady, Glenna Bevin, collect much needed items for the spouse abuse shelters in our council area.

Troops sign up to volunteer to manage a booth on Shop and Share Day for two hours at a Kroger stores in your area. Each spouse abuse center has a list of needed items that you will be able to give to customers coming in the store.  The costumer drops off the item to you after it is purchased.  Other volunteers pick up the donations at the end of the day.  Kroger has furnished a free patch to all participating Girl Scouts. 

Check back for more information regarding 2021 Shop and Share. 

Solar United Neighbors SUN Patch

Solar United Neighbors is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping people go solar, connect with other solar supporters locally and nationally, and fight for solar -friendly policies that protect the rights and interests of solar owners and solar supporters. 

This program allows girls to DISCOVER how solar works; CONNECT solar energy with their lives, community, and the planet; and TAKE ACTION on what they’ve learned to use solar energy as a renewable and pollution-free resource. 

Find more information about the program visit the website.

SUN Patch Program 

Stand Beside Her

Created by Girl Scouts Heart of the South, The National Stand Beside Her Movement is a call to action initiative to mentor, support and develop women and girls; to end comparison and competition and create more collaboration and support for one another.

Starting in childhood girls are inundated with negative messages and behaviors that prevent them from building healthy relationships and ideals about their potential.

Let’s create a world where all women and girls are appreciated for their talent, strengths and uniqueness.

SBH Patch Program Guidelines

Please visit the Stand Beside Her website for information regarding ordering patches for the Stand Beside Her program. 

Stand Up and Speak Out Patch Program

Educated. Empowered. Heard. In collaboration with The Mama Bear Effect®, a Kentucky's Wilderness Road Girl Scout from Georgetown, Kentucky developed a special patch program for Daisy through Ambassador Girl Scouts to bring awareness to child sexual abuse.

A victim herself, this Girl Scout aims to encourage other girls to Stand Up & Speak Out against child sexual abuse. The goal is to change the culture of sexual abuse, from a mindset of silence and shame to one of courage and compassion. Through education in this patch program girls will learn a clear definition of abuse, learn about body safety rules, body autonomy, establishing good self-esteem, and provide empowerment to report abuse.

Stand Up & Speak Out Program Guide