Social Media Policy
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Social Media Policy

The Girl Scouts of Kentucky’s Wilderness Road recognizes the value of communications through social media sites (such as, but not limited to, Email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest) from both the Council level and personal use. We are charged with the obligation and are committed to ensuring that all council social media sites and all postings therein reflect the highest levels of courtesy, professionalism, principles and practices, and the Girl Scouts Promise and Law from Council managed social media sites as well as employee’s personal social media use.

Girl Scouts of Kentucky’s Wilderness Road official social media policy for is provided below.

A.      Protect confidential information. Online content is not private. Users must realize what they post could be around for a long time, and could be shared by others on unrelated websites.  Do not include full names, exact locations or personal information.  Users shall not disclose on social media sites any personal information about a girl/troop or volunteer including but not limited to a last name, home or other physical address, e-mail address, telephone number, Social Security number, school, routine, activities, location, family information, finances, health, and/or other information about a girl or volunteer and their family.  

B.      Be respectful.  Council social media platforms are intended to provide information for the community at large, volunteers, parents and girls. Respect the council audience which includes girls, parents, volunteers, donors, community partners, the Board of Directors and council staff. Make sure your communications are in good taste and you recognize that all Council social media outlets are not your platform for personal beliefs and views.  Your opinions may not always be the same as the Council’s. However, our Council’s obligation is to make sure all Council pages remain informative without the influence of personal opinion.  Bullying of any sort will not be tolerated.

C.      Add value.  Be helpful and informative.  Council social media sites are a place to inform Girl Scouts, volunteers, families and friends, donors and the greater community about scouting and related activities.  They are not places to broadcast personal daily activities.

D.      Respect copyright and fair use laws.  Be sure to show respect for the laws governing copyright and fair use of copyrighted material owned by others.

E.       Use common sense.  Avoid personal attacks, offensive slurs, inappropriate language, spamming, and excessive posting.  Your posts can be seen by anyone – your boss, co-workers, family members – a poorly chosen post or comment can cause chaos not only for the Council but for you.

Girl Scouts of Kentucky’s Wilderness Road takes seriously its responsibilities to interact on social media in a manner that shows respect for everyone including our youngest Girl Scouts. Girl Scouts of Kentucky’s Wilderness Road related social media outlets are not personal platforms or forums for personal opinion, political or religious discussion, public debates, personal information or sensitive topics. Users will remain aware of their interaction on personal social media platforms with regard to the potential impact on GSWRC. When commenting on subject matter that is related to Girl Scouting, unless authorized to speak on behalf of GSWRC, you must state that the views expressed are your own.


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This Social Media Policy was last updated in March 2016.