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2021 Fall Product Penguins

Fall Product Program

Ready to go nuts? Every fall, we work with M2 Media Group so girls can fill up their troop treasuries for exciting activities. This is a simple friends and family opportunity to support Girl Scouts.

And it is more than money. All those real world skills that come from planning an exciting year, financing it, and seeing it come alive are involved … from teamwork and goal setting to money management and communication.

It’s also more than nuts! Candy, collectible Girl Scout tins, and magazines are part of it, too. Even more is available in the online ordering system and communication center. We make it easy for everyone to participate.

So who can participate? All registered Girl Scouts with a signed permission slip can participate in this program. All troops must be compliant to sell (registered for current year, signed Troop Manager Agreement, have ACH bank account information on file, background check within the last 3 years and have no debt from previous sales.)

Girls learn 5 key skills through the Product Sales Programs:


Goal Setting


Decision Making


Money Management


People Skills


Business Ethics