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2021 Cookie Sale

When girls participate in the largest girl-led business in the world, they "earn and learn" - they earn funds for their Girl Scout activities while learning 5 skills that will help them in business and life.

Dates & Deadlines

January 1st, 2021 Sale Begins! (online & in person)
January 10th Initial Order due in Smart Cookies
January 27th Fayette Co. & NKY booth lottery opens
Jan. 28th - Feb 5th Cookie Delievery! Troops pick up initial orders
February 5th Booth Sales Begin!
March 10th 60% ACH sweep of cookies up to Feb. 8th!
March 10th Uncollectible Debt Forms due (
March 17th 50% ACH sweep of balance due!
March 28th Booth Sales End!
March 31st Transfers/Reward due in Smart Cookies!
March 31st All Uncollectible Debt Forms due (
April 7th 100% ACH  sweep of balance due!

Important Forms & Documents

2021 Cookie Patch Programs

Wacky Weather Warrior
Wacky Weather Warrior Patch_GSWRC

We know that sometimes the weather is wacky! We may experience snow, rain, wind and sunshine ALL on the same day. Those are the days when it’s harder to get out and work your cookie booths. Girl Scouts of Kentucky’s Wilderness Road is challenging you to tackle those wacky weather days and be a Wacky Weather Warrior!

Post your wacky weather booth (in-person or drive-thru) photos when we declare a Wacky Weather Warrior Day on our Facebook Page directly to the Wacky Weather Warrior Post. Please include your troop number.

Troops with the most creative weather proof booths will receive a Wacky Weather Warrior patch. *One winning troop per Wacky Weather Warrior Weekend post will be selected.

Extraordinary Cookie Mentor

Girl Scout Cookie Mentors are an important part of the Girl Scouts of Kentucky’s Wilderness Road Cookie Team. That’s why we honor Girl Scout Cookie Mentors who help Girl Scouts all across Kentucky meet their goals.

Tell us what makes your Girl Scout Cookie Mentor an awesome Cookie Mentor and be eligible for an exclusive Extraordinary Cookie Mentor patch. Contest Rules If your Cookie Mentor is the best, write a short essay (250-500 words) about what they do that is so awesome and submit it to Be sure to include your Cookie Mentor’s name, how you know your Cookie Mentor, your name, troop number and a photo of your Cookie Mentor, preferably involved in a Girl Scout Cookies-related activity. However, any photo will be accepted. You may also submit a link to a YouTube video. All submissions must be received by March 1, 2020.

All participants will receive a Cookie Mentor patch. The top stories will be shared on the Girl Scouts of Kentucky’s Wilderness Road Blog and Facebook page @KYGirlScouts.

  • Proud Girl Scout_Cookie Mentor Patch
  • Extraordinary Cookie Mentor Patch

Online Learning

2021 Cookie Training for NEW Troops
2021 Cookie Training for Returning Troops

Complete your training by submitting your evaluation HERE!

Troop Proceeds & Recognitions

Troop proceeds are based on the per girl average (PGA) of your troop. Take the total number of packages sold by your troop, divided by the number of girls registered and plug that into the chart below to figure how much your troop will earn per package sold. Don’t worry, Smart Cookies (online cookie system) will figure your PGA’s at the end of the sale.

PGA Rate Per Package
1-199 packages $.70
200-299 packages $.75
300+ $.85

Junior, Cadette, Senior and Ambassador Troops (with majority vote) will still have the option to "opt out of girl rewards" and earn up to an additional $.12 per package.

Online Sale Management will continue to be the platform for the Cookie Sale.  It’s a one, stop shop for girls, parents and troops.  Everything from sending out E-Cards to customers, to organizing and managing your sale as a troop cookie manager, to clip art and guides to help parents and troop leaders through every aspect of the cookies sale.  

Watch the short video below to learn more!

Thank you for your support and participation in the Cookie Sale!

Congratulations to our 2020 1000+ Box Girl Scouts!
Madison Adkins, 1010 Boxes
McKinnley Adkins, 1010 Boxes
Keianna Aguilar, 1000 Boxes
Lilyann Paige Aldridge, 1153 Boxes
Aralynn Allen, 1013 Boxes
Allison Anderson, 2072 Boxes
Gabrielle Bailey, 2000 Boxes
Alaina Baker, 1000 Boxes
Rachel Baldwin, 1203 Boxes
Sara Baldwin, 1203 Boxes
Lillian Bay, 2000 Boxes
Kara Bill, 1080 Boxes
Addison Bostic, 1500 Boxes
Addison Bowen, 1000 Boxes
Michele Branscum, 1000 Boxes
Helen Brennen, 1005 Boxes
Greta Brennen, 1016 Boxes
Bridget Brennen, 1030 Boxes
Aubree Brown, 1000 Boxes
Addison Brown, 1006 Boxes
Roxane Burcham, 1002 Boxes
Isabella Burchett, 1000 Boxes
Lauren Burton, 1103 Boxes
Addison Carbajal, 1204 Boxes
Dakesha Cartier, 1000 Boxes
Te'Ona Cavins, 1000 Boxes
Gracie Clarkston, 1009 Boxes
Addison Coffman, 1017 Boxes
Taylor Conrad, 1090 Boxes
Leah Conrad, 1867 Boxes
Martina Cooper, 1034 Boxes
Grace Cosby, 1011 Boxes
Hannah Cox, 1000 Boxes
Emma Creelman, 2224 Boxes
Sophia Cruz, 1560 Boxes
Carmelita Dallaire, 1167 Boxes
Brooke Davidson, 1500 Boxes
Rosalinda DeGaetano, 1031 Boxes
Hannah Dehart, 1025 Boxes
Liliana Dillon, 1500 Boxes
Marrena Dotson, 1500 Boxes
Logan Durham-Campbell, 1000 Boxes
Harley Durham-Campbell, 1000 Boxes
Abigail Field, 2002 Boxes
Gianna Folcarelli, 1000 Boxes
Anne Elizabeth Forker, 1307 Boxes
Sage Fox, 1001 Boxes
Franki Fugate, 1030 Boxes
Skyler Gearhart, 1003 Boxes
Lucy Gibson, 1002 Boxes
Alexis Goble, 1013 Boxes
Beverly Goodwill, 2163 Boxes
Rebekah Grace, 1502 Boxes
Emma Gulley, 1100 Boxes
Charlie Hatton, 1001 Boxes
Kayla Hawkins, 1064 Boxes
Isabella-Rose Hays, 1147 Boxes
Sydney Henderson, 1000 Boxes
Addison Hill, 1508 Boxes
Madalyn Hollifield, 1000 Boxes
Mikayla Horn, 1155 Boxes
Savanna Huffman, 1074 Boxes
Mylia Hungarland, 1000 Boxes
Nevaeh Iwankovitsch, 1331 Boxes
Brenna Jackson, 1026 Boxes
Clara Jamison, 1363 Boxes
Hayden Johnson, 1000 Boxes
Hayleigh johnson, 1000 Boxes
Jadyn jones, 2000 Boxes
Lily Kelley, 2000 Boxes
Riley Kenner, 1117 Boxes
Regan Kenner, 1119 Boxes
Juliana Kilburn, 1815 Boxes
Sarah Kirkland, 1036 Boxes
Elena Klemin, 1144 Boxes
Lydia Koller, 1026 Boxes
Chloe Kuebel, 3565 Boxes
Faith Lankheit, 1001 Boxes
Fionna Lawrence, 3687 Boxes
Waverly Lickliter, 1005 Boxes
Sofia Linwick, 6178 Boxes
Gwendolyn Look, 1099 Boxes
Ella Lowe, 1502 Boxes
Lucy Lowe, 1502 Boxes
Kylie Luckhardt, 1000 Boxes
Sydnie Marsh, 1036 Boxes
Holly Marshall, 1000 Boxes
Bailey Mason, 1013 Boxes
Kenley May, 1013 Boxes
Whitley Mayfield, 1093 Boxes
Isabel McQueen, 1503 Boxes
Abby Meadors, 1008 Boxes
Katey Middleton, 1500 Boxes
Charley Mulberry, 1000 Boxes
Shylah Muncy, 1000 Boxes
Abigail Natale, 1048 Boxes
Haylee Nordmeyer, 1034 Boxes
Gracie p, 1005 Boxes
Emily Paul, 1008 Boxes
Hannah Polk, 1587 Boxes
Lauren Rayborn, 1027 Boxes
Emma Rayborn, 1502 Boxes
Isabella Rhein, 1000 Boxes
Isabella Roark, 1007 Boxes
Dusti Rose, 2068 Boxes
Ella Russell, 1124 Boxes
Katelynn Sayre, 1183 Boxes
Abby Schuchter, 1027 Boxes
Aliyah Schwalbach, 1367 Boxes
Molly Schwarber, 1157 Boxes
Vera Shen, 1000 Boxes
Vivi Shen, 1000 Boxes
Zoey Simpson, 1500 Boxes
Erica Sizemore, 1000 Boxes
Shannon Sizemore, 1000 Boxes
Brooklyn Skaggs, 1000 Boxes
Lakin Spradlin, 1500 Boxes
Addison Stafford, 1500 Boxes
Mya Strickland, 1001 Boxes
Autumn Stubblebine, 1005 Boxes
Madalyn Sumpter, 1000 Boxes
Hayleigh Thornsberry, 1042 Boxes
Kaitlyn Tillery, 1000 Boxes
Olivia Tussey, 2044 Boxes
Chloe Vance, 1010 Boxes
Skylar Varney, 1034 Boxes
Cacee VonHandorf, 1543 Boxes
Victoria Whalen, 3507 Boxes
Jalen White, 1055 Boxes
Jorrin Whiteley, 1036 Boxes
Emersen Whiteley, 1056 Boxes
Courtney Whitenack, 1500 Boxes
Skylar Wiley, 1041 Boxes
Wynter Wilson, 1000 Boxes
Haley Wilson, 1000 Boxes
Kelsey Wilson, 1008 Boxes
Abigail Woodrum, 3507 Boxes
Hailey Workman, 1000 Boxes
Madison Zimmerman, 1070 Boxes
Reygan Zimmerman, 1088 Boxes