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Are you ready to go camping?

Troops can now reserve units for the spring, summer, and fall. Woodview is the only unit open between mid November and April 1st. Other units are open April 1st through mid November. Please see each camp to learn about the units that are available at it.

Someone in the troop must have the Out and About Training to stay in a lodge. To stay in cabins or tents someone must have the Troop Camp Training. There must also be someone with the group who is First Aid and CPR certified. 

All units and camps are closed for major holidays - New Years, Easter, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas. For more information about our camps and units click on the camp on the left hand menu then scroll down to the listings.  To reserve a camp please complete the Camp Reservation Request below. You can check to see if a unit is available for your dates by contacting us at 

The Human-Environment Research Laboratory at the University of Illinois found that the positive influence of nature may be more pronounced for girls (ages 6-9) than for boys.  On average, the greener a girl’s experiences are, the better she concentrates and bad behaviors are reduced.  This helps her do better in school, handle peer pressure and avoid dangerous, unhealthy, or problem behaviors.  She behaves in ways that fosters success in life, according to the researchers.

Someone in the troop must have the trainings listed below to be able to go camping with your troop. This includes staying in a cabin, lodge or tent at one of our camps or camping in an approved site elsewhere. 


Out & About Training - Basic training needed to stay in a lodge (online training).


Troop Camp Training - In person training needed to stay in a cabin or tent and to cook over a fire (even a marshmallow.)


First Aid/CPR Training - Training to know what to do in an emergency and how to do basic first aid and CPR. 


Click here to download Camp Reservation Request Form. It is fillable, but you will need to email it or send it to us.