Want to see the world?  Have a passion for travel?  Want to explore new cultures?  What’s stopping you?  Pack your bags and have the time of your life traveling with Girl Scouts!

Girl Scout destinations — travel experiences that range from two days to three weeks — can whisk girls around 

the country and to the far corners of the world where they will meet other remarkable girls, develop leadership skills, gain confidence, and enjoy valuable learning opportunities to take action. This year’s destinations are open to girls ages 11-17.

A Girl Scout destinations experience is your chance to go somewhere new, do something different, and meet people from everywhere you can imagine. What’s stopping you from applying? Nothing! So apply today and travel the world as a Girl Scout! 


The Travel Pathway: Available to any girl regardless of previous Girl Scouting involvement. Troops can travel too!  Click Here for more information! 

Kentucky's Wilderness Road is always looking for enthusiastic volunteers who want to mentor girls in their travel pathways, Click Here to learn more!

Important Dates to Remember!

  • Jan 15: Deadline for second round applications due to Girl Scouts of Kentucky's Wilderness Road. Financial aid application must be filed with initial event application.
  • Jan. 16: Applicants notified of their status for first round applications.
  • Feb. 1: All deposits holding a participants’ spot are due to event sponsors for first round applications.
  • Feb. 18: Second round applications sent to event sponsors by Kentucky's Wilderness Road Destinations Committee.
  • March: Additional applicants notified of their status. Participant status report to GSUSA by event sponsors
  • March 16: All second round applicants' deposit due to event sponsors (Please note that there might be some destinations that will extend the deadline if the event is not full).

Applying for a Destination? Follow these Five Steps!

  1. Log on to Select your top four choices. Download the application form and complete it. You’ll need to fill out an application for each event you want to attend.
  2. Print out at least two copies of the reference form and ask people who know how awesome you are to fill them out. You can use the same letters of reference for all your applications, but you might want more targeted references depending on what destination you are applying to.
  3. Send your application to the Lexington office by Oct. 31 for first round review and Jan. 15 for late review.

Girl Scouts of Kentucky's Wilderness Road
Attn: Destinations Committee
2277 Executive Drive
Lexington, KY, 40505-4809

5. You and Kentucky's Wilderness Road will receive notification of acceptance from the host council or event sponsor.

What type of Destination is Right for You?

There are five different travel categories for Girl Scout destinations. Which one is right for you?


Travel outside the United States is one of the best ways to learn about other cultures — and yourself. How about camping in Austria, rafting in Costa Rica, or soaking up the culture of India — one of the world's oldest civilizations?


You could explore Alaska's Kenai Peninsula in sea kayaks or visit Hawaii's Mauna Kea Observatory and Volcanoes National Park. Or maybe you'd rather go canyoneering in California, biking through Michigan, or trekking across the Colorado Rockies on horseback?


Ever dream of being an astronaut? If you have the "right stuff," then Space Camp® at the U.S. Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama, is for you. More interested in marine or aquatic biology? Then hop aboard a schooner with real-life scientists and learn about weather, waves, and zooplankton. Be warned — you'll take your turn at night watch!


Travel from New York City to Washington, D.C., to trail the history and future of women in leadership, community activism, and advocacy. Or maybe you'd prefer exploring the Mall of America in Minnesota, home to more than 520 shops, the nation's largest amusement park, and the biggest underground aquarium!


Calling all budding biologists, anthropologists, geologists, and archaeologists: How would you like to survey Alaska's Copper River Delta, ancestral home of the Eyak people? Or perhaps your desired apprenticeship runs more along the lines of training with special education professionals to become a counselor at a camp for girls with disabilities.

For more information, resources, and application, visit the GSUSA destinations web page. For more information, contact the Program Department at

Destinations Resources