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2018 Cookie Sale

When girls participate in the largest girl-led business in the world, they "earn and learn" - they earn funds for their Girl Scout activities while learning 5 skills that will help them in business and life.


Dates & Deadlines

December 20th, 2017 Girls may begin selling ONLINE through
January 1st, 2018 Girls may begin selling IN PERSON
January 10th Troop initial order is due
Jan. 25th-Feb. 2nd Initial order delivery to Service Units
January 25th Lottery for Fayette Co./Northern KY
February 2nd Cupboards open; booth sales begin!
Feb. 23rd-25th National Cookie Weekend
February 22nd UDF's due to
March 1st 1st Bank Sweep
March 15th UDF's due to 
March 22nd 2nd Bank Sweep
April 8th Booth Sales End!
April 11th UDF's due to 
April 13th Transfers & Recognitions Due
April 16th Last Bank Sweep

Important Forms & Documents


Online Learning

New this year, there will be no online cookie training.  It’s mandatory that all troop leaders or troop cookie managers take an in person cookie training.  Click HERE to view Service Unit Cookie Managers contact information.


Troop Proceeds & Recognitions

Troop proceeds are based on the per girl average (PGA) of your troop. Take the total number of packages sold by your troop, divided by the number of girls registered and plug that into the chart below to figure how much your troop will earn per package sold. Don’t worry, SNAP (online cookie system) will figure your PGA’s at the end of the sale.

PGA Rate Per Package
1-174 packages $.57
175-299 packages $.60
300+ $.65

Junior, Cadette, Senior and Ambassador Troops (with majority vote) will still have the option to "opt out of girl rewards" and earn an additional $.10 per package.


Online Sale Management

New this year! will be the new PLATFORM for the Cookie Sale.  It’s a one, stop shop for girls, parents and troops.  Everything from sending out E-Cards to customers, to organizing and managing your sale as a troop cookie manager, to clip art and guides to help parents and troop leaders through every aspect of the cookies sale.  This NEW PLATFORM replaces SNAP and COCO and will available December 1, 2017. 

Until then, feel free to try out our test site:

Log in:

Password: Cookies1

abc smart cookies

Thank you for your support and participation in the Cookie Sale!