Questions about Camp

What is the vetting process for camp staff?

All summer camp staff are paid Girl Scout employees and go through an extensive interview process with a national background check and references.  

How many camp staff members are in each camping unit?

There are several staff members in each unit depending on the units size. We require that at least one staff member in each unit be at least 21 years of age.

Can my daughter bring her own snacks to camp?

Unless a girl has dietary restrictions, campers cannot bring snack foods to camp. If dietary restrictions apply, please advise camp staff.

Can I pay for my camp session when I arrive at camp?

No. All camp balances must be paid in full 1 week before the scheduled session. 

Can my daughter bring goggles to camp?

Yes. This is an optional item, but can be brought along. For a full list of what to bring to camp, click here. 

How do I know when it is the right time to send my daughter to camp for the first time?

The biggest question to ask is, are you ready as a parent to let your child go? It helps to be clear on why you are sending her to camp. Whether it is to make new friends, learn new skills or gain independence, it starts with your goals for a positive camp experience. If you are upbeat about the upcoming experience, your child will reflect this same attitude. If your daughter has been able to successfully spend the night at grandma’s or a friend’s house, she is most likely ready for an overnight camp experience. Our goal is for each girl to have a successful social learning experience while at camp. Through great activities and community living, we create an environment that teaches resilience and self-reliance. Camp professionals have been helping kids build independence for years. When choosing a first camp experience, start with the confidence that you have laid the foundation for your child’s success. Begin the process with your child with words of encouragement and enthusiasm. 



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