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Life Adventure Center

Tue Apr 04, 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM EDT
Juniors, Cadettes

Girl Scouts are invited to experience the world of Equestrian vaulting - a unique sport that combines dance and gymnastic type movements on the back of a moving horse. With the goal of moving in harmony with the horse it provides an opportunity to explore mind-body awareness, confidence and communication. Vaulting is adaptable to any skill level and is a great place to practice goal-setting. Working with the lunger, spotters, and horse builds teamwork and communication skills. It is group and beginner friendly and is the safest equestrian sport. Girls may bring a sack lunch to eat from 12-1pm. All participants will need to use the password: “WildernessRoad” in order to register. Ages 9-18.

Questions? Contact Life Adventure Center (859-873-3271). 

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