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Staff Directory

If you wish to call a staff member, please call our main phone line at 1(800) 475-2621. If you wish to email a staff member, you may use the list below to find their email address. 

Executive Office

  • Susan Headshot
  • Susan Douglas
    Chief Executive Offier

  • Cindi Wayland Headshot
  • Cindi Wayland
    Finance Director

  • Becky Williams Headshot
  • Becky Williams
    Staff Accountant II

  • Sarah Lewis Headshot
  • Sarah Lewis
    Executive Assitant

Staff by Department

Camp Program and Properties
  • Sherri Powers Headshot
  • Sherri Powers
    Camp & Outdoor Programming Director

  • Mary Burkhart Headshot
  • Mary Burkart
    Camp Manager

Product Program
  • Carolyn McNerney Headshot
  • Carolyn McNerney
    Product Program Director

  • Emily Eggenschwiler Headshot
  • Emily Eggenschwiler
    Product Program Coordinator

Fund Development & Marketing
  • Deidra Fajack-7341
  • Deidra Fajack
    Capital Campaign Director

  • Haleigh Headshot
  • Haleigh McGraw
    Communications & Brand Director

  • Tammy Durham Headshot
  • Tammy Durham
    Director of Grants & Community Engagement

Membership, Volunteer and Program Management
  • Katie Mauldin Headshot
  • Katie Mauldin
    Events Program Manager

  • Deb Harrison Headshot
  • Deb Harrison
    Membership & Program Manager

  • Shannon Bailey Headshot
  • Shannon Bailey
    Membership Manager

  • Ashley Safran Headshot
  • Ashley Safran
    Membership & Program Manager

  • Emily Johnson Headshot
  • Emily Johnson
    Membership Manager

  • Tara Hamilton Headshot
  • Tara Hamilton
    Volunteer Services Manager

  • Latricia Walker Headshot
  • Latricia Walker
    Data & IT Manager

Membership Team by Area
Ken-O-Valley Area
  • Stephanie Colley Headshot
  • Stephanie Colley
    Program & Shop Specialist

  • Torie Vencill Headshot
  • Torie Vencill
    Membership Specialist Serving:  Carter, Elliot, Greenup, Martin, Menifee, Morgan, and Rowan counties

Licking Valley Area
  • Ashley Stephenson Headshot
  • Ashley Stephenson
    Customer Service Specialist

  • Julie Macke Headshot
  • Julie Macke
    Membership Specialist Serving: Alexandria, Bridges, Boone, Cold Spring, Highland Heights, and Owen counties

  • Sydney Murray Headshot
  • Sydney Murray
    Membership Specialist Serving: Ft. Thomas, Ft. Wright, Gallatin, Independence, Ludlow, Park Hills, Southgate, Taylor Mill, Triple E counties

  • Ashley Arrasmith Headshot
  • Ashley Arrasmith
    Membership Specialist Serving: Mason, Fleming, Robertson, and Bracken counties

  • Hannah Swegman Headshot
  • Hannah Swegman
    Membership Specialist Serving: Boone, Bridges, Bromley, Ft. Mitchell, Grant, Pendleton, Villa Hills counties

Jenny Wiley Area
  • Profile Picture Placeholder
  • Vacant
    Membership Specialist Serving: Floyd, Magoffin, Pike, Powell and Wolfe counties

Bluegrass Area
  • Profile Picture Placeholder
  • Michelle Steele-Carroll
    Customer Service Specialist

  • Wendy Strang headshot
  • Wendy Strang
    Membership Specialist Serving: Bourbon, Clark, Fayette BC, Fayette X, Harrison, and Nicholas counties

  • Profile Picture Placeholder
  • Lynette Kamark
    Membership Specialist Serving: Anderson, Boyle, Fayette EF, Garrard, Madison, and Mercer counties

  • Profile Picture Placeholder
Mountain Laurel Area
  • Becca Duncan Headshot
  • Becca Duncan
    Membership Specialist Serving: Casey, Clinton, Leslie, Lincoln, McCreary, Perry, Pulaski, Russell, Wayne, and Whitley counties

  • Profile Picture Placeholder
  • Vacant
    Membership Specialist Serving: Bell, Breathitt, Clay, Harlan, Knott, Knox, Jackson, Laurel, Lee, Letcher, Owsley, and Rockcastle counties

Volunteer Special Projects
  • Angie Tinch Headshot
  • Angie Tinch
    Special Projects Director

  • Cindi Griffith Headshot
  • Cindi Griffith
    Volunteer Services Director