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Archive Committee of GSKWR

The Archive Committee organizes, catalogs and displays Girl Scouts of Kentucky’s Wilderness Road’s historical collection of anything Girl Scouts – including uniforms, badges and patches, handbooks, camping equipment, jewelry and even Girl Scout paper dolls! Housed in the Archive Room at the Lexington Service Center, this collection is maintained by a dedicated and passionate group of Girl Scout volunteers.

Stop by to learn all about the history of Girl Scouts! For more information, contact


Historic Girl Scout Uniform Sale

The Archive Committee receives many donations of Girl Scout uniforms and other treasures. The committee cataloged and inventoried more than 450 Girl Scout uniforms and accessories and is holding a Historic Uniform Sale at the Lexington Service Center. Perfect for the collector or crafter!

Interested? Contact us through this Uniform Inquiry Form – please share what you are looking for, and we will respond with availability and price.

For more information about the Historic Uniform Sale, please contact the Archive Committee at


Do you love history and Girl Scouts? Join us! The Archive Committee welcomes new members and meets the first Friday of each month from 10:00 am until 12:00 pm. To volunteer, please contact