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 Letter from the President and CEO

In 2022 Girl Scouts of Kentucky's Wilderness Road made big strides as we fine tuned virtual programs and jumped back to in-person experiences. This report covers our Fiscal Year 2022, October 2021 to September 2022. During this period, we inspired, encouraged, and cultivated strength in girls by continuing to offer unique virtual experiences in the areas of STEAM, Life Skills, Entrepreneurship, and Outdoors. We also leveraged our organization’s strength to offer select in-person programming—with local, state, and CDC-compliant safety protocols—including the return of our beloved summer camp.

Following a long stretch of disappointing “can’ts,” girls once again experienced the enchantment of endless possibility—and we were made profoundly aware that our mission was more important than ever. Even with protective face masks, the unequivocal joy on our girls’ faces shown through as they discovered more about themselves, leaned into new opportunities, stretched the bounds of achievable goals, and tapped into newfound levels of self-esteem. 

We want to thank our incredible volunteers for their creativity, courage, and commitment throughout the past year. Volunteers truly are the heart of our organization. Adult mentors who encourage Girl Scouts to pursue their goals; cookie managers who bravely led the way through another successful season; alumni and friends who put hours of work into preparing our camp properties for use once again—no matter your role, we appreciate you endlessly. We could never do this without you.

We’re excited to move forward toward bright new horizons. Thank you for being a part of our Girl Scout community—we can’t wait to see everything you accomplish in 2023, and we hope you’ll join us in celebrating all our girls, their achievements, and our collective successes.

Yours in Girl Scouting,

our council  anchor

Section Banners_Our Council2022


Girl Scouts of Kentucky’s Wilderness Road serves communities in 66 counties in northern, central, and eastern Kentucky and 1 county in Ohio. We are fully dedicated to sharing the Girl Scout leadership experience with all girls – regardless of background, geography, or financial situation – so they may reach their fullest potential.
We believe that girls built with Girl Scouts’ guiding principles of courage, confidence, and character make the world a better place.     
  • Board of Directors

    October 1, 2021 - September 30, 2022

  • Our Council Header Photo
Membership Banner_2022




Girl Scouts of Kentucky’s Wilderness Road’s 1,681 volunteers dedicate themselves to sharing experiences, creating adventures, and seeing girls succeed. Each volunteer is the Who that makes the Why happen. As a Troop Leader, Cookie Manager, or camp kitchen helper – long-time or short-term – legacy or new arrival, each and every volunteer plays a crucial role in GSKWR’s success. Thank you!


Volunteers attended 124 online and in-person training opportunities – including 27 in-person sessions, OWL (Our Weekend of Learning) Training at Camp Judy Layne, 54 live Zoom training sessions, and 43 on-demand gsLearn training courses. 1,768 volunteer modules were completed through gsLearn. 


On April 30, Girl Scouts of Kentucky’s Wilderness Road gathered to celebrate volunteers and community partners and to say a heartfelt thank you for their support and dedication during a year full of opportunity.


  • Vol Appreciation Section_1
  • Vol Appreciation Section_3
  • Vol Appreciation Section_2

 30 Volunteer Awards - 9 Community Partner Awards

Spirit of GS Photo1

The 2022 Spririt of Girl Scouting Award was presented to Sabrina Hinkle! Sabrina recevied a $1,500 scholarship sponsored by UK Federal Credit Union.

The Spirit of Girl Scouting Award is designed to recognize an outstanding Senior or Ambassador Girl Scout. Awardees exemplify the spirit of Girl Scouting through their leadership, actions, and involvement. 



entreprenuership anchor

Section Banners_Entrepreneurship2022
Every box of Girl Scout Cookies supports both girl initiative and our local communities – and helps the next generation of female leaders develop skills in goal setting, money management, and business ethics. Girl Scouts of Kentucky’s Wilderness Road is incredibly proud of the dedication, hard work, and savvy skills of all the girls that participated in 2022 Girl Scout Product Programs.  
  • 2022 Wacky Weather Girl Scouts_CA
  • 2022 Homeland Title Cookie Purchase
  • 2022 Girl Scout Cookie Booth_SR
Through the Fall Product and Cookie Programs, our girls were resourceful and fully committed to the entrepreneurial spirit Girl Scouts Financial Literacy programs. Thank you to everyone who supported the next generation of female leaders and the opportunities that Product earnings make possible.
  • $3,858,384 total gross Cookie Program proceeds
  • $300,237 total gross Fall Product Program proceeds
  • 768,983 boxes of cookies sold with over $615,000 total troop proceeds
  • Nearly 53,000 packages of cookies and fall product were sold through Direct Ship/Ecommerce 
  • 257 boxes sold per girl
  • $294 earned per girl in Fall Product troop proceeds
Congratulations to the Cookie Entrepreneurs who sold more than 1,000 boxes!
146 girls sold more than 1,000 boxes!
Cacee Vonhandorf, Troop 1984 - 5133 boxes
Abigail Woodrum, Troop 7326 - 4305 boxes
Victoria Whalen, Troop 7326 - 4305 boxes
Abigail Field, Troop 2028 - 3726 boxes
Rebekah Grace, Troop 2028 - 3726 boxes
Fionna Lawrence, Troop 2799 - 3024 boxes
Carmelita Dallaire, Troop 5319 - 2606 boxes
Kayla Hawkins, Troop 1178 - 2301 boxes
Sophia Cruz, Troop 89 - 2265 boxes
Olivia Laudick, Troop 2083 - 2186 boxes
Molly Schwarber, Troop 1984 - 2174 boxes
Brooklyn Skaggs, Troop 1776 - 2124 boxes
Abigail Natale, Troop 1984 - 2112 boxes
Katelynn Sayre, Troop 2217 - 2102 boxes
Olivia Birdwell, Troop 2372 - 2041 boxes
Reygan Zimmerman, Troop 7075 - 2018 boxes
Annalena Harrelson, Troop 7075 - 2010 boxes
Trinity Spoonamore, Troop 1133 - 2009 boxes
Allison Anderson, Troop 7203 - 2009 boxes
Sierra Johnson, Troop 1133 - 2003 boxes
Sofia Linwick, Troop 2290 - 1708 boxes
Taylor Hayden, Troop 2215 - 1627 boxes
Spencer Hayden, Troop 2215 - 1614 boxes
Madison Brooks, Troop 2115 - 1591 boxes
Anna Iwankovitsch, Troop 1178 - 1581 boxes
Mia Buezo, Troop 2082 - 1570 boxes
Aliyah Schwalbach, Troop 5811 - 1567 boxes
Ava Oder, Troop 1984 - 1566 boxes
Andriana Bliziotis, Troop 2028 - 1560 boxes
Aibileen White, Troop 2452 - 1558 boxes
Gwendolyn Crabtree, Troop 2899 - 1539 boxes
Eleanor Armstrong, Troop 2423 - 1535 boxes
Savanna Huffman, Troop 246 - 1519 boxes
Sophia Mathis, Troop 2082 - 1508 boxes
Zoey Payton, Troop 2082 - 1508 boxes
Logan Durham-Campbell, Troop 7281 - 1508 boxes
Olivia Tussey, Troop 5185 - 1504 boxes
Lexi Justus, Troop 2028 - 1503 boxes
Charlotte Henry, Troop 2083 - 1502 boxes
Kelsey Wilson, Troop 973 - 1502 boxes
Brooke Davidson, Troop 1100 - 1501 boxes
Whitley Mayfield, Troop 2028 - 1501 boxes
Waverly Lickliter, Troop 2884 - 1500 boxes
Isabelle Harrelson, Troop 7075 - 1500 boxes
Dusti Rose, Troop 5136 - 1500 boxes
Courtney Whitenack, Troop 722 - 1500 boxes
Eileen Varakin, Troop 2217 - 1347 boxes
Jada Campbell, Troop 7108 - 1314 boxes
Olivia Patenia, Troop 7108 - 1308 boxes
Skye Pendleton, Troop 850 - 1288 boxes
Helen Brennen, Troop 1391 - 1256 boxes
Mikayla Horn, Troop 7097 - 1223 boxes
Eden Lay, Troop 2028 - 1222 boxes
Kate Whitlock, Troop 2028 - 1206 boxes
Addison Hill, Troop 1035 - 1183 boxes
Aaliyah Webster, Troop 5811 - 1173 boxes
Emma Creelman, Troop 7088 - 1136 boxes
Kacie Bowman, Troop 5811 - 1125 boxes
Gianna Folcarelli, Troop 1984 - 1121 boxes
Isabella-Rose Hays, Troop 2034 - 1121 boxes
Lily Wittenberg, Troop 2899 - 1121 boxes
Beverly Goodwill, Troop 7088 - 1118 boxes
Regan Kenner, Troop 2798 - 1117 boxes
Riley Kenner, Troop 2798 - 1109 boxes
Addison Brown, Troop 5185 - 1107 boxes
Jocelyn Giordano, Troop 1799 - 1099 boxes
Clara Jamison, Troop 1801 - 1087 boxes
Amber Bowden, Troop 2028 - 1086 boxes
Lorianna Parks, Troop 1178 - 1079 boxes
Jadyn Jones, Troop 2040 - 1077 boxes
Arrieana Van Rhyn, Troop 5347 - 1068 boxes
Harmony Johnson, Troop 1133 - 1064 boxes
Lexie Ballard, Troop 2798 - 1057 boxes
Addyson Wind, Troop 1310 - 1057 boxes
Hailey Workman, Troop 7293 - 1044 boxes
Lillie Parker, Troop 336 - 1039 boxes
Danica Thacker, Troop 1984 - 1037 boxes
Leilani Richardson, Troop 1133 - 1034 boxes
Katherine Fischer, Troop 1984 - 1032 boxes
Anna Willoughby, Troop 2423 - 1031 boxes
Mallie Kate Hoseclaw, Troop 2334 - 1029 boxes
Kayden Donaldson, Troop 2799 - 1026 boxes
Eleanor Sears, Troop 2963 - 1024 boxes
Charlie Hatton, Troop 2028 - 1023 boxes
Julia Siemer, Troop 2154 - 1022 boxes
Erica Sizemore, Troop 906 - 1021 boxes
Shannon Sizemore, Troop 906 - 1021 boxes
Ella Kelley, Troop 2040 - 1020 boxes
Kiersten Bennett, Troop 7217 - 1019 boxes
Chloe Kuebel, Troop 2040 - 1019 boxes
Emily Francis, Troop 2028 - 1017 boxes
Raylynn Spoonamore, Troop 1133 - 1015 boxes
Brooklyn Pittman, Troop 2971 - 1014 boxes
Vivian Smith, Troop 2106 - 1010 boxes
Sage Fox, Troop 2798 - 1010 boxes
Emily Boggess, Troop 336 - 1009 boxes
Cynthia Price, Troop 2127 - 1008 boxes
Kaitlyn Tillery, Troop 2882 - 1007 boxes
Nya Howell, Troop 2372 - 1007 boxes
Lilith Root, Troop 2106 - 1005 boxes
Victoria Conrad, Troop 2281 - 1005 boxes
Kairi Januks, Troop 2028 - 1004 boxes
Emersen Whiteley, Troop 7075 - 1004 boxes
Brooklyn Brown, Troop 7108 - 1004 boxes
Lillian Bay, Troop 7150 - 1004 boxes
Mckenna Bay, Troop 7150 - 1004 boxes
Emily Paul, Troop 7254 - 1004 boxes
Ruby Miller, Troop 1133 - 1002 boxes
Ambree Basham, Troop 2104 - 1002 boxes
Carly Shearer, Troop 5234 - 1001 boxes
Hallie Hazlett, Troop 5234 - 1001 boxes
Skyler Gearhart, Troop 5234 - 1001 boxes
Brooklyn Middleton, Troop 973 - 1001 boxes
Adeline Adams, Troop 7192 - 1001 boxes
Merry Akers, Troop 7192 - 1001 boxes
Rebecca Luna, Troop 7192 - 1001 boxes
Annabella Steele, Troop 2884 - 1000 boxes
Clarice Hawkins, Troop 2884 - 1000 boxes
Ashley Price, Troop 2027 - 1000 boxes
Iris Aldridge, Troop 1100 - 1000 boxes
Addison Stafford, Troop 2851 - 1000 boxes
Stevie Dyer, Troop 5234 - 1000 boxes
Addaline Flaugher, Troop 5319 - 1000 boxes
Destiny Messer, Troop 5319 - 1000 boxes
Felicity Messer, Troop 5319 - 1000 boxes
Katey Middleton, Troop 5319 - 1000 boxes
Lilian Messer, Troop 5319 - 1000 boxes
Madison Messer, Troop 5319 - 1000 boxes
Marina Earl, Troop 5319 - 1000 boxes
Lillyann Petrie, Troop 7086 - 1000 boxes
Emelyn Harrelson, Troop 7075 - 1000 boxes
Jorrin Whiteley, Troop 7075 - 1000 boxes
Riley Hewins, Troop 2236 - 1000 boxes
Charley Mulberry, Troop 5136 - 1000 boxes
Emma Butcher, Troop 5136 - 1000 boxes
Lexie Yrttima, Troop 5136 - 1000 boxes
Penny Mulberry, Troop 5136 - 1000 boxes
Ava Rorie, Troop 2154 - 1000 boxes
Natalia Rorie, Troop 2154 - 1000 boxes
Caroline Farley, Troop 2899 - 1000 boxes
Cheyanne Taylor, Troop 2899 - 1000 boxes
Miriam Hall, Troop 2899 - 1000 boxes
Roxane Burcham, Troop 89 - 1000 boxes
Chesney Wallace, Troop 7150 - 1000 boxes
Carolyn Kirst, Troop 465 - 1000 boxes
Wynter Wilson, Troop 1776 - 1000 boxes



outdoor anchor

Section Banners_Outdoors2022
Girl Scouts of Kentucky’s Wilderness Road enjoyed a wonderful year in the out of doors at our Erlanger Property, Camp Judy Layne , and Camp Shawano hosting curious campers.
Camp Judy Layne safely welcomed resident campers who hiked, swam, canoed, rappelled, and spelunked. Camp Shawano and Licking Valley Day Camp on the Erlanger Property hosted two weeks of day campers. Every day at camp was filled with adventure – creating confidence and capability for every camper.
  • Smores for Camp Section
  • Hachet throwing for Camp Section
  • RISESTEM for Camp Section
  • 239 campers experienced summer resident camp at Camp Judy Layne.

  • Over 40 alumni experienced adventure opportunities, like hatchet throwing, at gatherings at Camp Judy Layne and Camp Shawano.

  • More than 300 campers enjoyed programs in the out of doors through day camp experiences on our Erlanger Property and at Camp Shawano.



programming anchor

Section Banners_Programming2022
For more than a century, Girl Scouts’ pillar programs have provided educational and exciting experiences for girls to explore, discover, create, experiment, and wonder - and have fun!  
Girl Scouts of Kentucky’s Wilderness Road responded to girls’ continued interests and utilized the assets of its camps and open spaces to provide outdoor as well as virtual programs, creating accessible spaces to bring Girl Scout programming to girls. GSKWR’s program team continued its patch-earning opportunities and badge workshops to offer 375 council-led programs and 91 partner-led programs. 
  • Girl Scouts of Kentucky’s Wilderness Road’s was excited to be back in person at out 17th annual GEMS (Girls in Engineering, Math, and Science) hosted by Morehead State University Craft Academy! We had 200 participants, 33 student volunteers, and 31 workshop volunteers helping participants enjoy 13 hands-on workshops sponsored by LG&E - KU, Bank of Lexington & Craft Academy for Excellence in Science & Mathematics.

  • GEMS for Programming Section_2
  • GS Day at the Capitol for Programming Section_3
  • 72 Girl Scouts join together at the Kentucky State Capitol on March 22, 2022 to celebrate 110th Years of Girl Scouting. Girls started their day meeting with some of our female representaitives and taking steps toward earing the Democracy Badge. Attendees then joined Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear as he signed a Proclamation declaring March 2022, Girl Scout Month!

  • After two long years, Girl Scouts of Kentucky’s Wilderness Road continued the Lexington Legend Lock-In Tradition!  387 Girls and their families watched a baseball game and camped out the Legends field. We were so excited to be able to watch the NEW Wild Health Genomes and Alexis "Scrappy" Hopkins, the first-ever female drafted for an on-field position in the Atlantic League of Professional Baseball.

  • Legends for Programming Section_3



highest awards anchor

Section Banners_Highest Awards2022

Learn about our 2022 Gold Award Girl Scouts and their Projects!

  • The Girl Scout Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards are presented to Junior, Cadette, Senior, and Ambassador girls who display leadership while engaging in projects that benefit their communities. Girl Scouts of Kentucky’s Wilderness Road is confident that these remarkable young women will continue to lead among their peers and throughout their lives with true courage, confidence, and character.


    Fifteen remarkable Girl Scouts were recognized in March 2022 for their Gold Award projects. They advocated for drinking water conservation, used repurposed fabric to provide clothing for underprivilaged girls in foster care, and updated a dance class space with speciality resources to prevent injury. Our Gold Award Girl Scouts spent more than 1200 hours creating, renovating, developing programming and, most of all, implementing sustainable and lasting impacts in our communities. Our Girl Scouts changed the world. 

  • Gold Award Girl Scouts List 2022
Silver Award Girl Scouts
Troop 98 - Gardening for Mental Health       
Catie Hardesty, Ashland
Troop 411 - Dress Event          
Lydia Ratliff, Ashcamp
Marissa Sykes, Elkhorn City
Troop 414 - Comfort Boxes      
Ellie Williams, Morehead
Ella Jenkins, Morehead
Troop 776 - Spay and Neuter Awareness          
Layla Vance, Cynthiana
Kaylee Tidaback, Cynthiana
Dani Franklin, Cynthiana
Amelia Beam, Cynthiana
Troop 865 - Flag Boxes for Camp Shawano      
Holly Marshall, Lexington
Troop 973 - Kelsey's Cast Iron Concotions   
Kelsey Wilson, Olive Hill
Troop 1100 - Disaster Awareness Project     
Arianna Bussa, Argillite
Troop 1100 - Emergency Disaster Kits     
Delilah Barlow, Ashland
Troop 1872 - Caring Cuts  
Haley Cartwright, Richmond
Emmy Collier, Richmond
Karma Combs, Richmond
Ava Lepp, Richmond
Baily Combs, Richmond
Troop 1919 - Interactive Designs at the Park  
Skylah Jo Molands, Mt. Sterling
Jennilee Barnett, Mt. Sterling
Troop 1984 - Cards for Caring, Cards for Sharing!
Danica Thacker, California KY
Troop 2019 - Feminine Product Drive  
Amara Dean, Georgetown
Troop 2076 - Improving Childhood Literacy      
Nora McGowan, Lexington
Helen Rose, Lexington
Troop 2076 - The Little Library Project     
Lucia Moncayo, Lexington
Troop 2076 - Improving Childhood Literacy One Book At A Time          
Yalda Jafarpour, Lexington
Troop 2899 - Support for Clean Cupboard Ministry 
Cheyanne Taylor, Wilmore
Troop 2983 - Free Community Lending Library to Promote Literacy  
Macy Brummett, Bronston
Naomi Crockett, Somerset
Madeline Frye, Bronston
Allie Woods, Somerset
Miracle Shelton, Burnside
Desirae Ball, Bronston
Penelope Roberts, Somerset
Madison Winks, Somerset
River Richardson, Somerset
Troop 5309 - Comfort Boxes 
Ainsley Howard, Morehead
Troop 5358 - Little Library             
Emily Bennett, Winchester
Troop 7047 - YANA Peer Group           
Mallory Ellis, Winchester
Grace Gillette, Winchester
Breeanna McKinney, Winchester
Kaelyn Walters, Winchester
Troop 7075 - A cat room at the Humane Society    
Emelyn Harrelson, Georgetown
Isabelle Harrelson, Georgetown
Troop 7083 - Little Library
Abby Sparrow, Lexington
Kyleigh Morgan Schmidt, Lexington
Madeleine Michaelis, Lexington
Megan Wilson, Lexington
Troop 7083 - Classroom in a Box  
Emily Francis, Lexington
Esme Thomas, Lexington
Troop 7129 - Mask Up America      
Naomi Brandenburg, Lexington
Troop 7130 - Fleece Blackets for Foster Care Christmas Party      
Rebecca Jetton, Versailles
Troop 7175 - Women's Rights This Time    
Kaire Crowe, Owenton
Troop 7248 - Blessing Box 
Brenna Jackson, Bagdad
Troop 7248 - Frankfort Art Depot    
Lori Newton, Frankfort
Troop 7254 - Little Lending Library - Lincoln Ridge Park                     
Autumn Stubblebine, Independence
Gracie Clarkston, Florence
Emily Paul, Independence
Madalyn Sumpter, Independence
Rosalinda Barger, Burlington
Troop 7302 - Silver Wings  
Dakoda Jacobs, Paris
Troop 7381 - Comfort Boxes                      
Olivia Stone, Wellington
Troop 7480 - Family Nurturing Center & Kindness Rock Garden
Leah Broussard, Union
Llyana Broussard, Union
Eva Rawlins, Union
Kendra Blackburn, Union
Bronze Awards Girl Scouts
Troop 246 - Saving the Bees, Beautiful Butterflies & Pollinators & Hovering Humming Birds   
Olivia Williams, Wilmore
Evelynn Jenks, Nicholasville
Savanna Huffman, Nicholasville
Shelby Manor, Nicholasville
Isabella Weeks, Nicholasville
Macie Leonard, Nicolasville
Cheyenne Dickinson, Nicolasville
Troop 411 - Dresses for Dances              
Kylie Swiney, Ashcamp
Gracie Rowe, Ashcamp
Troop 1806 - Merry Go Round Rebuild           
Kaelyn Fouse, Lancaster
Troop 1836 - KCAS Donation Shelf       
Arianna Graves, Covington
Paige Held, Independence
Adalynn Clemons, Covington
Maisie Mulcahy, Independence
Tavyn Collopy, Covington
Maggie Zink, Independence
Troop 1919 - Interactive Designs at Park
Lydia Spillman, Mt. Sterling
Troop 2027 - Bunny Brunch            
Emma Mason, Union
Ashley Price, Walton
Troop 2028 - Pet Adoption Fair       
Abby Field, Lexington
Rebekah Grace, Lexington
Amber Bowden, Lexington
Adriana Bliziotis, Lexington
Charlie Hatton, Lexington
Eden Lay, Lexington
Isabel Porterfield, Georgetown
Kate Whitlock, Lexington
Emily Francis, Lexington
Whitley Mayfield, Lexington
Kaylee Francis, Lexington
Troop 2261 - Pledge of Allegiance in American Sign Language             
Reece Crook, Midway
Troop 2319 - Vaping and Drug Addiction Prevention in Youth                       
Whitney VanHook, Somerset
Adalynn Murray, Somerset
Bella Cate Dugger, Somerset
Reagan Davis, Somerset
Troop 2372 - Magic Tree House Themed Little Free Library       
Libby Kotter, Lexington
Olivia Birdwell, Lexington
Nya Howell, Lexington
Adelle Backman, Lexington
Troop 2599 - Seton Little Library           
Robyn Reiling, Lexington
Bailey Wagner, Lexington
Penelope Metts, Lexington
Ivy Jane Cassity, Lexington
Avery Hayden, Lexington
Chloe Redden, Lexington
Troop 2870 - Disaster Prevention Kits             
Maira Connelly, Alexandria
Elin Lockwood, Cincinnati OH
Troop 2882 - Girl Scout Fun Day    
Ariana Archamboult, Carlisle
Kenley Pasley, Paris
Kaitlyn Tillery, Paris
Livia Shone, Paris
Danielle Shone, Paris
Troop 2884 - Spies in Disguise: Random Acts of Kindness          
Alexandria Small, Lawrenceburg
Troop 2931 - Recycling                       
Addison Johnson, Covington
Emma Heltemes, Covington
Troop 2983 - Free Community Lending LIbrary to Promote Literacy   
Madison Haynes, Somerset
Troop 2999 - Help the Animal Shelter             
Laiken Tanner, Burlington
Lydia Saunders, Burlington
Olivia Shelton, Hebron
Maggie Johnson, Hebron
Troop 5157 - Helping Kids in Need   
Cora Tacket, Georgetown
Alex Ruzzene, Versailles
Alivia Cooper, Versailles
Ella Kate Gibson, Versailles
Hailey DeYoung, Versailles
Alexis Mattingly, Versailles
Clairissa Hill, Versailles
Troop 5234 - Treats and Toys for Paws
Stevie Dyer, Olive Hill
Khloee Hollingsworth, Franklin Furnace OH
Carly Shearer, Russell Springs
Kynadee Mcglone, Vanceburg
Hallie Hazlett, Olive Hill
Troop 5347 - Picnic Table for TCF!                       
Adelle Mycock, Morehead
Arrieana Van Rhyn, Morehead
Emily Conely, Morehead
Rylee Hook, Morehead
Troop 5353 - Eliminating Trash Sources Beside Our Berea  Community School
Josie Maples, Berea
Troop 5811 - The Barracks Project Video    
Reese Feltner, Alexandria
Payton Streets, California OH
Lorann Sebastian, Melbourne
Kacie Bowman, Alexandria
Jaylee Jones, Florence
Emma Miller, Alexandria
Aaliyah Webster, Alexandria
Troop 7302 - Butterfly Whispers - Let's Sit and Talk        
Kaeysn Jacobs, Paris



invest anchor

Section Banners_Invest in Girls2022

Thank you to our generous contributors who made an investment in girls in fiscal year 2022 by supporting Girl Scouts of Kentucky’s Wilderness Road. We celebrate our partnership and thank you for giving Girl Scouts adventure opportunities and leadership experiences.

The gifts below were made between October 1, 2021 and September 30, 2022.

Gift Key: Board Member^ Staff Member* Troop1912+

$10,000 +
The Andrew Jergens Foundation
Berea College Appalachian Fund
Charles and Ruth Seligman Family Foundation
Diane Curry Gentry^
Susan Eaton
Dr. Rachel Eubank+
Furlong Building
LG&E and KU Foundation
Caryl Pfeiffer^+
The Austin E, Knowlton Foundation
The R.C. Durr Foundation, Inc.
Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Kentucky, Inc.
United Way of Greater Cincinnati
United Way of the Bluegrass
$5,000 - $9,999
Carol^+ and Michael Beirne
Mary Beth and Rick Griffith+
Anne Weston Hackett+
Virginia Meagher
Ted and Lisa Miller
Eileen M. O'Brien^+
Jo and Ken Smith
$2,500 - $4,999
Mr. and Mrs. William Baird III
Susan Douglas*+ and Chad Coffey
Karen Greenwell^+
Kroger Community Rewards
Virginia Long
Peggy Sue Marquardt+
Sandra McCain^
Katherine Redmond
Kathleen Regan^+ and Alison Dunn+
Angie*+ and Brett Tinch+
Cynthia Wayland*+
Natalie Wilson
$1,000 - $2,499
Jaclyn Badeau^+
Karen Bowie^+
Sara Ann Browning
Rosemary Carter+
Luisa Chenault
Susan and Garry Elkington
Deidra Fajack*+
Phyllis Hasbrouck
Melanie and John Johnson
Micki King
Mary E. Kornman
Marathon Petroleum Company LP
Maysville Lions Club
Susan McEuen
Carolyn McNerney*+
Rhonda Ritzi+
Meghan Sandfoss
Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth Smith
Julie Sygiel
Toyota - Employee Matching
Tyson Foods
UK Federal Credit Union
Ruby Webster+
$500 - $999
  • Sherri Powers*
    Barbara Domek
    McChord Inc.
    Susie^ and Kenny Basham
    Pat Haight
    Nikki Duvall Fry+
    Haleigh McGraw*+
    Tammy Durham*+
    Cliff and Cathy Feltham
    Connie Carl+
    Karen Grace+
    Sarah Richardson
    Daniel and Marjorie Thomas
    Emily Johnson+
    Charlotte Johnson
    Ann Keeling
    Ericka Harney
    Hannah Helm
  • Teresa and Philip Hardesty+
    Betty J. Cowherd
    Susan Miller
    Gyan and Poonam Gupta
    Latricia Walker*
    Libby Chenault
    Gay Nell Conley
    Tamara Huffman
    Peter and Meghan Knapp+
    Aja Price
    Cindi Griffith*
    Erin Thomas
    Kathy Grantham
    Donita Lodmell
    Tammy Liles
    Jude Hehman
    John and Jane Domaschko
    Mary Janet and Wendell Cartmell
$250 - $499
  • Amazon Smile
    Marketia Caisse
    Alan and Diane Campbell
    Sylvia Chelf
    Joanne Cocanougher
    Tracy Curtis
    Joyce and David Duszynski
    Annette Graham
    Bruce Grambley
    Laura Gruen
    Carolyn Holmes
    Opa Johnson+
    Dino Kent
    Stephany Kleinberg
    Ruth Lemire
    Sarah Lewis*
    Angela Lipscomb
    Joe David Martin
    Stephanie Miceli
  • Barbara Moore
    National Philanthropic Trust
    Catherine Prather
    Glenn and Sonia Proudfoot
    Linda Ramsey
    Amy Sandlin
    Ava Smith
    Dr. Kenneth W. Smith
    Nicki and Felix Swiderski
    Evelyn Tandy
    Michael Tromans
    SuZanne and Kenneth Troske
    Lisa Turcotte
    U.S. Bank Foundation
    Vesuvius USA
    Tom Vickers
    Penelope Weartz
    Paula Wilcox+
$100 - $249
  • Karen and Marc Avery
    Shannon Bailey*
    Mrs. Karen Bond
    Lelia Brannen
    Gail Brookhart
    Nancy C. Burchett
    Stephanie Colley*
    Jeremiah and Anna Day
    Emily Eggenschwiler
    Jimmy and Joyce England
    Oliver Feltus
    Ann Freytag
    Paul Hager
    Dr. Mary Jane Humkey
    Brianna Johnson*
    Noelle Johnson
    Ryan Kelsch
    Ms. Kathleen Kennedy
    Anna Kirschner
  • Barbara R. Martin
    Martha Muenks
    Sydney Murray
    Lars Peterson
    Kerri & Rick Peterson
    Karen Pierzala
    Lucy Porter
    Tammy Potter
    Melanie Quisenberry
    Nancy Rogers
    Randall P. Schadle
    Edward and Ann E. Scott
    Betty and James W. Scott
    Suzie Stammer
    Ashley Stephenson*
    Chet Sygiel
    William Vermillion
    Rebecca Williams
    Elizabeth Wurternberger^
Up to $100
  • Caitlin Allen
    Marie Archambault
    Richard and Lela Barnhisel
    Mary Burkart*
    Mary Carr
    Rick and Sheryl Cole
    Kenneth Crosby
    Linda Diddams
    Tara Duty
    Lisa Ennis
    Laura Goins
    Kelley Gripshover
    Bianca Hawkins
    Carolyn Hays
    Octavia Holiday
    Louis Irvin
    Margaret Johnson
    Veronica Johnson
  • Kimberly Jones
    Julianna Macke
    Katie Mauldin*
    Baxanna McClure
    Jennifer McGowan
    Elizabeth Melvin
    Che-hona Miller
    Network for Good
    Deborah Pero-Gamble
    Tracy Roberts
    Jennifer Scheper
    Ethan Smith
    Katherine Sproul
    Torie Vencill*
    Brandy Wahle
    Debi Williams
    Rachel Wilson
Juliette Gordon Low Society
The Juliette Gordon Low Society honors friends who have included Girl Scouts of Kentucky’s Wilderness Road in their estate plans. Their commitment ensures that future generations of girls will experience the adventure, education, and leadership opportunities available only through Girl Scouts. We are eternally grateful for their decision to provide a legacy gift.
If you have made plans to support GSKWR with a legacy gift, we would be honored to add you to this special group.
Erik and Eva Andersen Girl Scout Movement-wide Challenge Planned Gift
Jaclyn Badeau^+
Carol^+ and Michael Beirne
Dianne Belk and Lawrence Calder Girl Scout Movement-wide Challenge Planned Gift
Mary Birenbaum
Bonnie Bryson
Rosemary Carter+
Mary Janet and Wendell Cartmell
Kimberly G. Cowherd
Jane Chaput
Carrie Cinnamond
Diane Curry Gentry^
Susan Eaton
Cindy Ferguson
Ann Freytag
Pat Galliher
Karen Greenwell^+
Anne Weston Hackett+
Pat Haight
Phyllis Hasbrouck+
Hannah Helm
Dr. Ardis Hoven
Charlotte Johnson
Virginia Long
Sandra McCain^
Dr. Janet McCoy
Deb MacKay
Virginia Meagher
Dr. Lisa Miller
Caryl Pfeiffer^+
Eileen O'Brien^+
Myra Raiche
Kathleen Regan^+ and Alison Dunn+
Carol Czirr Russell
Susie Scheiwe
Jo Smith
Jo Smith
Julie Sygiel
Marjorie and Daniel Thomas
Sara Thurston
Sara Tuttle
Ruby Webster+
Natalie Wilson
Kathy Woods
Gift Key: Board Member^ Staff Member* Troop 1912+
Tribute Gifts
In Honor Of Natalie Wilson             
Eileen O'Brien        
Gifts in Kind
Ashley Goble
Bluegrass Hospitality Group
Buff City Soap
Buff City Soap Ashland, KY
Buff City Soap London, KY
Buff City Soap- Nicholasville Rd
Buffalo Wild Wings Morehead
Buffalo Wild Wings Richmond
Buffalo Wild Wings, Pikeville, KY
Celestial Scents Candles
Cheddars (Danville)
Cheddars Ashland
Chick Fil A Richmond
Chuy's in Hamburg
Cincinnati Reds
Cinemark Movies 10
Cinemark Richmond
Country Boy Brewing
Dewey's Pizza
Fazoli's Morehead
Five Below (Corp Ask Only)
Florence Freedom
Flying Axes Covington
Frishe's Big Boy
Hofbrauhaus Newport
Holiday World & Splashin' Safari
Kentucky Horse Park
Kings Island
Malea Delawder - Made by Malea
Mighty Grace Monogram
Mod Pizza
Morehead Cinema 6
Olive Garden Richmond
Oriental Trading
Posiden's Pizza
Raising Cains Chicken
Shop Local Kentucky
Sun Tan City- Berea
Tabatha Morgan - Grit and Grace
Texas Roadhouse Pikeville
Texas Roadhouse- Richmond Rd 
Trader Joe's
Wendy's - Coal Grove, OH

Girl Scouts of Kentucky’s Wilderness Road gratefully acknowledges all donors who have invested in girls with their generous donations in our 2022 fiscal year. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this information. Please contact the Fund Development Department at 859.293.2621 to bring any inaccuracies or omissions to our attention.

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2021-2022 Financials

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The condensed statements of financial position and activities have been summarized from the audited financial statements. The audited financial statements are available for inspection upon request.

Past Annual Reports

Read our past Annual Reports for a historic look at our council’s development.