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 Letter from the President and CEO

As Girl Scouts, we know that every day brings new adventures and exciting experiences. 2021 continued to present opportunities that encouraged us to show our perseverance and resilience as well as our strength and innovation. 

The mission of Girl Scouts remained our compass and guide through the year’s adventures and uncertainties. As we continued through a hybrid world of virtual and in-person activities, we leveraged our strengths and talents to deliver our core pillar programs of Entrepreneurship, Outdoors, STEM, and Life Skills across our 67 counties. Girl Scouts welcomed the adventure – they raised their hands, stepped up to challenges, and displayed true commitment to making the world a better place. 

A Girl Scout challenges by choice – and opportunities grow from each adventure. Girl Scouts provides a safe space where girls can map their mindset and set their path forward. Now, more than ever, girls need all the adventures of Girl Scouts. 

Camp was a well-earned retreat – we safely welcomed girls back, and we were reminded how much we need outdoor experiences. Girl Scout adventures expanded beyond our camps - girls dedicated their time and talent toward Highest Awards, stretched their minds with STEM programs, and strategized as troops to set ambitious Cookie goals. 

We are incredibly proud of where Girl Scouts of Kentucky’s Wilderness Road is today – relevant, resilient, and ready to provide a map of positive experiences for our girls. It is up to them to choose their own adventure, to determine their path, to discover their true north. 

We are confident that Girl Scouts will give them the adventures of a lifetime and a lifetime of adventure. 

Yours in Girl Scouting,

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Girl Scouts of Kentucky’s Wilderness Road serves communities in 66 counties in northern, central, and eastern Kentucky and 1 county in Ohio. We are fully dedicated to sharing the Girl Scout leadership experience with all girls – regardless of background, geography, or financial situation – so they may reach their fullest potential.
We believe that girls built with Girl Scouts’ guiding principles of courage, confidence, and character make the world a better place.     
  • Board of Directors

    October 1, 2020 - September 30, 2021

  • Older Girl Group
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  • Launched in 2021, the Teen Advisory Committee brings together older girls to discuss ideas and advise the CEO and GSKWR staff about new opportunities for teens and girls. TAC meetings focus on public speaking, communication strategy, and board service and governance. TAC members work as volunteers for special projects and events and act as ambassadors for GSKWR in their communities and throughout the council. Interested? Apply today!

  • GSKWR’s newest location at Ashland Town Center creates a destination center with innovative and accessible programs and a retail shop experience. Girls, volunteers, Board members, staff, and supporters joined the two-day opening celebration. From patch programs to cookie kiosks, Girl Scouts’ Ashland Town Center location is a one-stop shop!

  • Our Town Hall with the CEO series shared highlights and encouraged conversation during 2021’s changing landscape. Topics for these virtual Town Halls included Service Delivery (November 21, 2020), Diversity-Equity-Inclusion (January 23, 2021), and the Volunteer Experience (May 15, 2021). GSKWR’s Annual Business Meeting (March 16, 2021) and Delegate Business Meeting (September 16, 2021) rounded out our governance meetings. 




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Girl Scouts of Kentucky’s Wilderness Road’s 1,583 volunteers dedicate themselves to sharing experiences, creating adventures, and seeing girls succeed. Each volunteer is the Who that makes the Why happen. As a Troop Leader, Cookie Manager, or Camp kitchen helper – long-time or short-term – legacy or new arrival, each and every volunteer plays a crucial role in GSKWR’s success. Thank you!
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  • 4th of July Parade2
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Volunteers met the moment and attended online and in-person training opportunities – including 43 in-person sessions, OWL (Our Weekend of Learning) Training at Camp Judy Layne, 71 live Zoom training sessions, and 35 on-demand gsLearn training courses. Nearly 1,300 volunteer modules were completed through gsLearn. 
GSKWR held its second annual council-wide, virtual Service Unit Team Training for volunteers. More than 54 participants attended sessions focused on APD programming, recruitment, best banking practices, leadership, and more. 
GSKWR launched a 6-part Zoom series – Volunteer to Lead: Leading as a New Volunteer – to provide training, support, and connections for new leaders. Series’ topics include Girl Scout traditions, gsLearn, camp, and the Volunteer Tool Kit.


On April 24, Girl Scouts of Kentucky’s Wilderness Road gathered virtually to celebrate its volunteers and community partners and to say a heartfelt thank you for their support and dedication during a challenging year. 




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  • Mary Cochran_5 Year Volunteer Pin
  • Gina Campbell_Apprecition Pin

141 Participants - 19 Volunteer Awards - 4 Community Partner Awards

  • Maciena Justice_VOE
  • Ouita Michel_GSKWR Community Award 2021
  • Debbie Forker_award picture




GSKWR volunteers received a special thank you message from Kentucky’s Governor and First Lady during the virtual Volunteer Awards Ceremony. 
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Once a Girl Scout, Always a Girl Scout

Many of us know that Girl Scouts promotes progression – Daisy to Ambassador, day camps to backpacking overnights, girl member to alum. Each experience encourages girls to try, to learn from mistakes, to celebrate challenges. Girl Scouts’ mission of building girls of courage, confidence, and character connects each girl, through every moment and memory, to a sisterhood of Girl Scouts 110 years strong!

Even – or especially – during a pandemic, Girl Scout sisterhood is even more valuable. This past year, Girl Scouts of Kentucky’s Wilderness Road created connections for Girl Scout alums to connect as sisters – on a Zoom cooking demonstration, a special day to hike the hills at a favorite camp, or a reunion weekend with camp staff alums, complete with campfire and singdown, of course!

  • CJL Reunion Pic
  • Bridging to Adults 2021

New this year, GSKWR graduating seniors were invited to attend an Alum Welcome day during OWL Weekend at Camp Judy Layne. The girls gathered with GSKWR alum, Ericka Harney, and shared insights and experiences about their Girl Scout journeys as well as their goals for the future. Following a group lunch, the seniors were welcomed into the sisterhood of Girl Scout Alums by GSKWR volunteers attending OWL Weekend with a special Bridging to Adults Ceremony. Alums stood to read the words of the Girl Scout Law and sang On My Honor to welcome their newest alum sisters.

GSKWR looks forward to building its alum opportunities with new Girl Scout alum groups and activities – any and all are welcome. As generations of Girl Scout alums know – once a Girl Scout, always a Girl Scout!

Learn more about GSKWR’s alum program



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Entreprenuership Banner2021
Every box of Girl Scout Cookies supports both girl initiative and our local communities – and helps the next generation of female leaders develop skills in goal setting, money management, and business ethics. Girl Scouts of Kentucky’s Wilderness Road is incredibly proud of the dedication, hard work, and savvy skills of all the girls that participated in the 2021 Girl Scout Cookie Program.  
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  • 2021 cookies3
  • Cookie4
In a Cookie season with many challenges, these girls were resourceful and fully committed to the entrepreneurial spirit of the Girl Scout Cookie Program. Thank you to everyone who supported the next generation of female leaders and the opportunities that Cookie earnings make possible.
  • cookie girls with cases
  • 2021 cookies5
  • Cookie5
  • $3,059,186 total gross Cookie Program proceeds
  • 609,648 boxes of cookies sold with $484,187 total troop proceeds
  • 253 boxes sold per girl – a 12% increase!
  • $25,000 of cookies donated through Operation Sweet Treat and donated to National Reserves and Troop Island
Congratulations to the Cookie Entrepreneurs who sold more than 1,000 boxes!
109 girls sold more than 1,000 boxes!
Fionna Lawrence, Troop 2799 - 2627 boxes
Abigail Field, Troop 2028 - 2582 boxes 
Rebekah Grace, Troop 2028 - 2438 boxes 
Leilani Richardson, Troop 1133 - 2388 boxes 
Dusti Rose, Toop 5136 - 2093 boxes 
Allison Anderson, Troop 7203 - 2073 boxes 
Cacee VonHandorf,  Troop 1984 - 2067 boxes 
Regan Kenner, Troop 2798 - 2047 boxes
Gloria Hendrickson, Toop 2515 - 2042 boxes 
Abby Woodrum, Troop 7326 - 2038 boxes 
Brooklyn Skaggs, Toop 1776 - 2030 boxes
Savanna Huffman, Troop 246 - 2028 boxes 
Addison Stafford, Toop 2851 - 2017 boxes 
Sophia Cruz, Troop 89 - 2016 boxes 
Lillian Bay, Troop 7150 - 2001 boxes
Whitley Mayfield, Troop 2028 - 1830 boxes
Molly Schwarber, Troop 1984 - 1705 boxes 
Katelynn Sayre, Troop 2217 - 1671 boxes 
Kayla Hawkins, Troop 1178 - 1663 boxes
Reygan Zimmerman, Troop 7075 - 1600 boxes
Eileen Varakin, Troop 2217 - 1571 boxes 
Riley Kenner, Troop 2798 - 1552 boxes
Gwendolyn Crabtree, Troop 2899 - 1537 boxes 
Victoria Whalen, Troop 7326 - 1533 boxes
Helen Brennen, Troop 1391 - 1531 boxes 
Milica Jankovic, Toop 5212 - 1522 boxes
Anna Iwankovitsch, Troop 1178 - 1506 boxes
Chloe Kuebel, Troop 2040 - 1505 boxes
Patricia Grimm, Troop 2851 - 1500 boxes
Katey Middleton, Troop 5319 - 1500 boxes 
Olivia Tussey, Troop 5185 - 1500 boxes
Faith Lankheit, Troop 2502 - 1500 boxes
Wynter Wilson, Troop 1776 - 1500 boxes 
Zoey Payton, Troop 2082 - 1416 boxes 
Lucy Lowe, Troop 2799 - 1377 boxes
Mia Buezo, Troop 2082 - 1369 boxes 
Katie Shreve, Troop 2101 - 1357 boxes
Martina Cooper, Troop 1608 - 1323 boxes
Aliyah Schwalbach, Troop 5811 - 1311 boxes
Sophia Mathis, Troop 2082 - 1310 boxes 
Beverly Goodwill, Troop 7088 - 1303 boxes
Emma Creelman, Troop 7088 - 1303 boxes 
Ella Lowe, Troop 2799 - 1247 boxes
Julia Weitkamp, Troop 818 - 1226 boxes 
Kara Bill, Troop 7108 - 1202 boxes
Madison Brooks, Troop 2573 - 1200 boxes
Cheyanne Taylor, Troop 2899 - 1195 boxes
Clara Jamison, Troop 1801 - 1175 boxes 
Kacie Bowman, Troop 5811 - 1161 boxes 
Aaliyah Webster, Troop 5811 - 1137 boxes
Caroline Farley, Troop 2899 - 1125 boxes 
Ava Rorie, Troop 2154 - 1109 boxes
Emily Francis, Troop 2028 - 1098 boxes 
Jada Campbell, Troop 7108 - 1082 boxes
Katherine Fischer, Troop 1984 - 1080 boxes 
Lydia Saunders, Troop 2999- 1078 boxes
Isabella-Rose Hays, Troop 2034 - 1074 boxes 
Kiersten Bennett, Troop 7217 - 1071 boxes
Natalia Rorie, Troop 2154 - 1068 boxes
Danica Thacker, Troop 1984 - 1063 boxes
Rosa Glover, Troop 2351 - 1062 boxes
Sofiya Barr. Troop 1801 -  1049 boxes
Sara Baldwin, Troop 5188 - 1047 boxes
Addison Brown, Troop 5185 - 1043 boxes 
Kenley May, Troop 2508 - 1041 boxes
McKenzie Thomas, Troop 2238 - 1040 boxes 
Waverly Lickliter, Troop 2884 - 1040 boxes
Marcy Stevens, Troop 71 - 1040 boxes 
Gianna Folcarelli, Troop 1984 - 1039 boxes
Emersen Whiteley, Troop 7075 - 1036 boxes 
Jorrin Whiteley, Troop 7075 - 1036 boxes 
Arrieana van Rhyn Troop 5347 - 1036 boxes
Cloe Gilbert, Troop 7192 - 1032 boxes
Taylor Hayden, Troop 2215 - 1030 boxes
Kelsey Wilson, Troop 973 - 1029 boxes 
Erica Sizemore, Troop 906 - 1028 boxes
Isabella Roark, Troop 5184 - 1028 boxes
Ruby Miller, Troop 1133 - 1025 boxes 
Skyler Gearhart, Troop 5234 - 1022 boxes 
Annabella Steele, Troop 2884 - 1020 boxes 
Spencer Hayden, Troop 2215 - 1020 boxes
Roxane Burcham, Troop 89 - 1019 boxes 
Amber Bowden, Troop 2028 - 1018 boxes
Shannon Sizemore, Troop 906 - 1018 boxes 
Jocelyn Giordano, Troop 1799 - 1018 boxes
Mikayla Horn, Troop 7097 - 1017 boxes 
Skylar Varney, Troop 1984 - 1016 boxes
Ashley Price. Troop 2027 - 1016 boxes 
Saaya Patel, Troop 2217 - 1016 boxes
Charlie Hatton, Troop 2028 - 1015 boxes 
Ashlynne Wind, Troop 1310 - 1015 boxes
Olivia Weaver, Troop 5364 - 1014 boxes 
McKenna Bay, Troop 7150 - 1013 boxes
Olivia Birdwell, Troop 2372 - 1011 boxes 
Anastasija Jankovic, Troop 5212 - 1010 boxes
Carolyn Kirst, Troop 465 - 1009 boxes
Willow Turner, Troop 2215 - 1008 boxes
Hailey Harris, Troop 2319 - 1006 boxes
Bridget Brennen, Troop 1930 - 1005 boxes
Aubrey David, Troop 850 - 1003 boxes 
Liliana Dillon, Troop 1100 - 1002 boxes
Nya Howell, Troop 2372 - 1001 boxes 
Sofia Linwick, Troop 5364 - 1001 boxes
Felicity Messer, Troop 5319 - 1000 boxes
Haylee Nordmeyer, Troop 7186 - 1000 boxes
Penny Mulberry, Troop 5136 - 1000 boxes
Sierra Johnson, Troop 5136 - 1000 boxes
Trinity Spoonamore, Troop 5136 - 1000 boxes 
Marrena Dotson, Troop 7268 - 1000 boxes

Celebrate the good times of a great Cookie season with this video -

Annual Report 2021 test (1140 × 1080 px)
Troop 1984's Disney Cookie Goals: Making Lemonade out of Covid Lemons

In October 2017, Troop 1984 sent six girls to the Girl Scout National Convention in Columbus, Ohio. For the girls and moms in attendance, it was a transformative experience. So many positive female role models inspired and encouraged the girls to dream big. At the closing ceremonies, the announcement was made for the 2020 convention location – Orlando, Florida. All of Troop 1984 agreed, “We are going!” 

Bringing the exciting news back to their Girl Scout sisters, the troop decided to dedicate their Cookie Program proceeds over the next three years to the Disney Convention budget. Motivated, the girls doubled their per girl average to 469 cookie boxes in 2018. The next year, it increased even more to 650 packages per girl. In 2019, total sales for Troop 1984 exceeded 10,000 boxes. In 2020, Troop 1984’s total sales ended at 13,859, and nine girls sold more than 1,000 boxes each. Their Disney Convention Cookie goal was in reach!

In the summer of 2020, Girl Scout National Convention in Orlando was cancelled – and Troop 1984 was crushed. Resourceful and creative, troop leader Shannon Natale researched group pricing and determined that, with a successful 2021 Cookie Season, both girls and moms could still make the trip to Disney. Troop 1984 attacked their 2021 Cookie goals – with masks, hand sanitizer, and new contactless display strategies, the girls focused on cookie booths, online sales, and even a drive-thru sale – and sold 13,410 boxes during a pandemic!

Shannon Natale Quote

October 10, 2021, 14 Girl Scouts from Troop 1984 arrived at Disney World with their Girl Scout sisters and parents and had the trip of a lifetime. Over four years, they crushed their Cookie goals and covered plane travel, park tickets, and accommodations. Their goal: an adventure-filled trip of a lifetime with their Girl Scout sisters. The best part: the opportunity to work hard, play hard, and feel the pride of what they accomplished together.



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Outdoors Banner2021
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  • Outdoor Pic5
  • Outdoor Pic4
  • Camp Quote2
Girl Scouts of Kentucky’s Wilderness Road was so excited to welcome girls (and adults!) back to camp. Both Camp Judy Layne and Camp Shawano were filled with curious campers for 100 days of outdoor adventures.
Camp Judy Layne safely welcomed resident campers who hiked, swam, canoed, rappelled, and spelunked. Camp Shawano hosted two weeks of day campers, plus special Saturday sessions throughout the summer. Every day at camp was filled with adventure – creating confidence and capability for every camper.
  • 2021 CJL adventure group
  • 2021 CJL climbing tower girl
  • 2021 CS Brownie Scientist2
  • 268 campers experienced five week-long and three 3-day resident camp sessions and two troop-family sessions at Camp Judy Layne.

  • 116 adventurers attended climbing days at both Camp Shawano and Camp Judy Layne.

  • 143 campers enjoyed Camp Shawano’s Day Camps and Saturday programs, such as Brownie Home Scientist and Junior Animal Habitats.


  • FOCS KY COL 4.17.2021
  • The Friends of Camp Shawano and Sherry Crose of The Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels gathered at Camp Shawano to dedicate three cabins at the Red Bud unit. The Sisters Cabin, the Friends Cabin, and the Colonels Cabin will welcome campers, encourage independence, and inspire adventure for generations of campers. 

  • FOCS group 4.17.2021


Annual Report 2021 test (1140 × 1080 px)
Girl Scouts Love State Parks

In its second year as a national Girl Scouts of the USA initiative, Girl Scouts Love State Parks encouraged girls to explore more and connect with nature to earn the Girl Scouts Love State Parks patch. September 10th – 12th, Girl Scouts of Kentucky’s Wilderness Road welcomed 112 Girl Scouts for outdoor experiences and adventures at Breaks Interstate Park, Carter Caves State Resort Park, and Cumberland Falls Resort State Park. Activities included hikes, rappelling, nature activities, scavenger hunts, geocaching, stargazing, caving, and lots of outdoor fun!


We hope you will join us for Girl Scouts Love State Parks 2022 - September 10th & 11th!



programming anchor

Programming Banner2021
For more than a century, Girl Scouts’ pillar programs have provided educational and exciting experiences for girls to explore, discover, create, experiment, and wonder - and have fun!  
Girl Scouts of Kentucky’s Wilderness Road responded to girls’ continued interests and utilized the assets of its camps and open spaces to provide outdoor as well as virtual programs, creating accessible spaces to bring Girl Scout programming to girls. GSKWR’s program team continued its patch-earning opportunities and badge workshops to offer 79 council-led programs and 18 partner-led programs. 
  • Girl Scouts of Kentucky’s Wilderness Road’s 16th annual GEMS (Girls in Engineering, Math, and Science) was also its first virtual GEMS and featured recorded and live sessions for 88 participants. Stephanie Johnson, NASA Engineer at Johnson Space Center, shared her experiences and insights as a woman in STEM. 30 volunteers from 11 organizations offered nine 30-minute workshops including Make Your Own Lava Lamp, Natural Fabric Dying, I’m Not Sick … My Pancreas is Just Lazy, The Pollinator Project, and The Pythagorean Cup. Four GEMS volunteers hosted a 30-minute chat takeover for girls to engage directly with STEAM experts and discover more about STEAM opportunities.

  • GEMS 2021
  • SBH 2021
  • More than 1,200 online participants viewed the third annual Stand Beside Her panel, featuring local women leaders who shared their stories and discussed the national movement inspiring women and girls to create an inclusive culture of support and compassion. Hosted by Old School Coffee, moderator Christi McGuire guided the lively conversation with panelists Dr. Mia Farrell, entrepreneur and author Janet Holloway, Councilmember Lisa Higgins-Hord, and Gold Award Girl Scout Mary Lara Hardesty.

  • GSKWR partnered with the Boyd County Service Unit to host a virtual World Thinking Day event and welcomed 164 girl and adult participants from across the country. World Thinking Day 2021 celebrated what it means to be a peacebuilder and invited Girl Scouts to explore the globe and learn about cultural differences. A diverse panel of women – Elvia Lopez Bautista (Mexico), Nkechi Eze (Nigeria), Kate Sears (New Zealand), and Jennifer Young (Canada) – shared their international experiences and the cultures of their home countries. Participants wrote their own peace pledge to help foster global peace through Girl Scouting.

  • WTD 2021
  • Building Girls
  • 2021 CS trio
  • KOV Twilight Camp
  • IMG_9983
  • GSKWR provided enriching STEM learning experiences to 273 girls in Boyd, Carter, Elliott, Greenup, Floyd, Johnson, Lawrence, Magoffin, and Pike counties.

  • 84 girls completed STEM activities at home with the Think Outside the STEM Box Program, which included an activity guide and supplies.

  • 138 girls participated in eight in-person STEM events including Science Action, Prisms and Rainbows, the Art of Illusion, and Think Like A Citizen Scientist at Armco Park in Ashland.

  • GSKWR provided fun and engaging STEM learning experiences for 163 girls at Rise STEM Academy for Girls, Northern Elementary, and Garrett Morgan Elementary as part of Fayette County Public Schools’ Summer Ignite program.

Copy of Unstoppable Women
Girl Scouts are Unstoppable!

Launched in September of 2020, Unstoppable Women brings together trailblazing women at the top of their fields and GSKWR older Girl Scouts for virtual conversations to educate and inspire all of us who are striving to represent the Girl Scout ideals of courage, confidence and character. Girl Scouts of Kentucky’s Wilderness Road designed this virtual series to highlight extraordinary women who have influenced their local communities and shaped business and civic sectors and to create a generational dialogue for insight and inspiration.

From Olympians to basketball coaches, from rising entrepreneurs to business leaders, from world travelers to community advocates, GSKWR’s featured Unstoppable Women speakers have created vibrant conversations between girl and mentor and provided a forum for questions and curiosity. Unstoppable Women conversations feature topics of interest to women of all ages. To help engage and connect Girl Scouts to this program, GSKWR links these conversations with badges, journeys, and patches for girls at every level to discover and do more. 

Girl Scouts are truly unstoppable! GSKWR is grateful to the women leaders who have shared their stories and experiences and who are investing in our future girl leaders. Please join us for future conversations – we know you will learn, laugh and leave the Unstoppable Women experience feeling inspired!

Click here to view the Unstoppable Women conversation with University of Kentucky Women's Basketball Coach Kyra Elzy and player Emma King.



highest awards anchor

Highest Awards Banner2021
  • The Girl Scout Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards are awarded to Junior, Cadette, Senior, and Ambassador girls who display leadership while engaging in projects that benefit their communities. Girl Scouts of Kentucky’s Wilderness Road is confident that these remarkable young women will continue to lead among their peers and throughout their lives with true courage, confidence, and character.


    Fourteen remarkable Girl Scouts were recognized in June 2021 for their Gold Award projects. They created vocabulary flashcards and mini puzzles for blind students, built bee houses with a video about bee ecology, and sewed 1,500 face masks for nursing home staff and residents. They crafted beds for shelter animals, created epilepsy care packages, and reclaimed needed outdoor space with a new school courtyard. They prepared and delivered meals for those in need and established a self-defense program with prevention awareness and hands-on defensive training. And close to our hearts, they improved GSKWR’s camps with Camp Caches, complete with skill builder kits for campers, and Camp Shawano’s amphitheater, for campers to express themselves freely and artistically.

  • Gold Award Girl Scouts List_1
Silver Award Girl Scouts
Troop 71 - Healthy Mind Bags         
Katelyn Russell, Lawrenceburg
Marcy Stevens, Lawrenceburg
Sloan Mathews, Lawrenceburg
Caroline Cooper, Lawrenceburg
Jasmine Lange, Lawrenceburg
Troop 492 - World Thinking Day Event           
Natalie Pesina, Winchester
Troop 701 - COVID-19 Masks for Woodford County High School         
Anna Taylor, Versailles
Bailey Fouts, Versailles
Sarah Bradley, Versailles
Ashlyn Hood, Versailles
Ashlynn Gampper, Versailles
Troop 817 - Blessing Bags for Room in the Inn            
Caroline Shane, Lexington
Troop 880 - The Comfort Keeper      
Lydia Lynn, Lexington
Guadalupe Hernandez, Lexington
Galvan Gomez, Lexington
Troop 885 - Spread the Love, Not the Virus   
Avery Maul, Lexington
Troop 1035 - Little Library      
Addison Hill, Lancaster
Troop 1035 - Community Masks          
Jillian Long, Lancaster
Troop 1178 - Fire Awareness Project  
Anna Iwankovitsch, Georgetown
Lena Sophia Day, Georgetown
Troop 1572 - Farmers Market Pollinator Garden           
Morgan Frazier, Lawrenceburg
Helaine Alsabrook, Lawrenceburg
Troop 1629 - Kentucky Equine Center
Sara Baker, Somerset
Troop 1776 - Fathers Are Important: A Fatherhood Initiative   
Michele Branscum, Nancy
Troop 1799 - Bee Keeping      
Anistyn Kenley, Georgetown
Troop 1799 - Royal Spring School Garden        
Kamryn Camp, Georgetown
Haylie Robinson, Georgetown
Brooklyn Quint, Georgetown
Troop 1799 - Feral Cat Homes              
Caeley LaPierre, Georgetown
Rhianna Illari, Georgetown
Elizabeth Anderson, Georgetown
Troop 1799 - Girl Scout Promise and Law Coloring Book           
Jocelyn Giordano, Georgetown
Anna Warren, Georgetown
Troop 1799 - Falls Creek Campsite      
Emily Shortridge, Georgetown
Troop 1806 - Camp Judy Lane Gaga Ball Pit     
Lauren Burton, Richmond
Emmaline Dent, Richmond
Cayla Fox, Richmond
Sarah Kirkland, Richmond
Savannah Lynch, Richmond
Faith Fouse, Lancaster
Troop 1807 - Bats Aren't Blind             
Maya Bhandari, Richmond
Lily Gardener, Berea
Amelia Lanier, Richmond
Troop 1830 - Little Free Pantry             
Cecily Meteger, Crescent Springs
Taryn Frazier, Fort Mitchell
Troop 1830 - Catholic Charities Playground Project     
Claire Mulcahy, Independence
Mia Zink, Independence
Evie Speakman, Independence                 
Troop 1913 - Walter Bradley Park Bird Nesting Bins
Autumn Davis, Midway
Troop 1913 - Midway Community Garden       
Gemma Lynn Hagan, Midway
Troop 1984 - Pandemic Relief 2.0       
Gianna Folcarelli, Alexandria
Molly Schwarber, Melbourne
Skylar Wiley, Alexandria
Whittney Gulley, Alexandria
Troop 1992 - Locker Room Redo         
Bria Bauer, Dover
Karlee Mellenkamp, Maysville
Annie Corlis, Maysville
Avra Boggs, Maysville
Troop 2019 - Royal Springs Park Adoption Event          
Kiera McClellan, Georgetown
Samantha Ohnheiser, Georgetown
Troop 2173 - Awareness Bookmarks  
Claire Efaw, Independence
Jonna Lepisto, Independence
Renie DeMougin, Independence
Sydnie Marsh, Independence
Troop 7075 - No Baby Left Behind       
Jorrin Whiteley, Georgetown
Emersen Whiteley, Georgetown
Reygan Zimmerman, Lexington
Troop 7082                       
Chloe Hillard, Lexington
Sarah Ebel, Lexington
Kaitlyn May, Lexington
Addison Hillard, Lexington
Troop 7083 - Little Library      
Madeline Michaelis, Lexington
Abby Sparrow, Lexington
Troop 7097                       
Grace Morefield, Richmond
MiKayla Horn, Richmond
Troop 7248 - Art from Nature
Skylar Bowman, Frankfort
Troop 7332 - Helping My Community During the Pandemic     
Emily Campbell, Alexandria                                                        
Troop 7355                       
Jax King, Lexington
Lauren Major, Lexington
Charlotte White, Lexington
Elinor Soult, Lexington
Kalli Salomon, Lexington
Girl Scout
Amy Parker, Versailles
Bronze Awards Girl Scouts
Troop 396 - Stand up to Bullies          
Abigail Curtis, Monticello
Cota Berry, Monticello
Troop 396 - Girl Scouts Aren't Just Cookies and Board Games              
Felicity  Brown, Monticello
Troop 818 - Gnome Homes at Camp Shawano            
Ally Kegebein, Lexington
Harper Faris, Lexington           
Julia Weitkamp, Lexington
Kali Perry, Lexington
Averie Thomas, Lexington
Bella Taylor, Lexington
Sydney Bumgardener, Lexington
Caroline Segebarth, Lexington
Sophia Williams, Lexington
Eden Potterton, Lexington
Troop 868 - Firewood Storage at Camp Shawano       
Ashlynn Stephens, Lexington
Flora Scifres, Lexington
Marla Huber, Lexington
Isabella Haynes, Lexington
Elsie Eastburn, Lexington
Christina Russey, Lexington
Troop 1178 - Care of God's Creatures
Josie Williams, Frankfort
Troop 2066 - Shelter Dog Toys             
Mya Lincoln, Richmond
Troop 2020 - Give-A-Bear       
Adrian Barrett, Georgetown
Kaylah Feldman, Georgetown
Emily Felinski, Georgetown
Audrey Forster, Georgetown
Maggie McMillin, Georgetown
Kherington Pierson, Georgetown
Nora Stormes, Georgetown
Abbie Weber, Georgetown
Troop 2215 - Brownie Wellness Series              
Carrington Clark, Lexington
Taylor Hayden, Lexington
Emily Collins, Lexington
Kaelyn Shepherd, Lexington
Troop 2217                       
Katelynn Sayre, Richmond
Saaya Bhula, Richmond
Eileen Varakin, Richmond
Addison Neal, Richmond
Arabella Collier, Richmond
Grace Lafata, Richmond
Clare Wood, Richmond
Troop 2225 - Be a Bystander, Not a Bully         
Lillie Brafford, Walton
Madeline Gatlin, Walton
Audrey Sherrard,  Walton
Adilyn Wells, Walton
Caylee Holinka, Walton
Norah Hill, Walton
Troop 2290 - Masks for School Children           
Darcy Cook, Lexington
Caroline Cook, Lexington
Audrey Elliot, Lexington
Stella Gooch, Lexington
Anna Claiborne, Lexington
Juliette Napier, Lexington
Troop 2610 - Birthday in a Bag             
Abigail Copher, Mount Sterling
Callie Moore, Mount Sterling
Emma Coats, Mount Sterling
Kadie Goodpaster, Mount Sterling
Lauren Combs, Jeffersonville
Lexie Hatton, Mount Sterling
Ragan King, Mount Sterling
Sydney Hunt, Mount Sterling
Troop 2799 - Project Linus      
Ella Lowe, Dayton
Bailey Mason, Independence
Troop 2884 - Spies in Disguise: Random Acts of Kindness          
Waverly Lickliter, Lawrenceburg
Troop 2983                       
Jojo Roberts, Somerset
River Richardson, Somerset
Allie Woods, Somerset
Aza New, Somerset
Troop 5161 - Don't Be A Litterbug       
Alexis Foutch, Cumberland
Andie Saylor, Cumberland
Addison Fields, Lynch
Addison Eldridge, Cumberland
Troop 5234 - Mask Up             
Skylar Gearhart, Olive Hill
Troop 5309 - Foster Care Kid Care Packages   
Lexi Barker, Morehead
Ainsley Howard, Morehead
Sara Stevens, Morehead
Troop 5361 - Squirrel Houses
Rosa Bisotti, Georgetown
Mickie Shannon, Sadieville
Adisyn Maynard, Georgetown
Miranda Powell, Georgetown
Emma Miller, Georgetown
Kyra Winski, Georgetown
Rheann Wilkins, Georgetown
Jordan Tackett, Georgetown
Taylor Bond, Georgetown
Hannah Rumer, Georgetown
Elizabeth Story, Georgetown
Troop 6470                       
Ava Sattler, Florence
Hannah Purdy, Florence
Ryleigh Jane Foster, Florence
Caitlyn Johnson, Florence
Troop 7147 - Blessing Bags    
Lydia Dever, Lexington
Abby Ledbetter, Lexington
Keeley O'Laughlin, Lexington
Anne Beck, Lexington
Troop 7185 - Scott County Humane Society        
Isabelle Harrelson, Georgetown
Emelyn Harrelson, Georgetown
Troop 7185 - Dog and Cat Treats for Foster and Adopted Animals         
Juliet Giordano, Georgetown
Troop 7266 - "My Stereotypical Life" A Self-Published Book to Prevent Bullying              
Alyssa Millwater, Burlington
Anastasia Hall, Florence
Aurora Hall, Florence
Cara Homer, Florence
Jacqueline Gleason, Florence
Ellie Addison, Union
Annual Report 2021 test (1140 × 1080 px)
Lillie Daniel: National Gold Award Girl Scout

Lillie Daniel joined Girl Scouts in fourth grade until her troop disbanded in early high school. Inspired to do more at the start of the pandemic in 2020, she and one of her friends decided to rekindle their Girl Scouts sisterhood. Lillie chose to focus on giving back by earning her Gold Award

Lillie’s project focused on the Ohio Epilepsy Alliance to bring awareness and advocate for children with epilepsy. Lillie created comfort kits – called Love from Lillian – for children recently diagnosed with epilepsy. Each kit included a poem, a fleece blanket, and a friendship bracelet, and she distributed more than 200 kits and created a website and a blog.

Lillie’s Gold Award Mentor, Kathy Schrag from Epilepsy Alliance Ohio, said, “Being newly diagnosed with epilepsy is overwhelming – these Love from Lillian care packages will help individuals and families feel friendship and comfort. Your dedication and talent is truly amazing! Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness and know that you have made a positive difference in the lives of so many of the people that we serve.”  

This fall, GSUSA recognized Lillie as a National Gold Award Girl Scout, and she was awarded a $2,000 scholarship from the Arconic Foundation and Kappa Delta Foundation. Congratulations, Lillie! Girl Scouts of Kentucky’s Wilderness Road is tremendously proud of this highest achievement! 

Learn more about the Highest Awards in Girl Scouting.



invest anchor

Invest in Girls Banner2021

Thank you to our generous contributors who made an investment in girls in fiscal year 2021 by supporting Girl Scouts of Kentucky’s Wilderness Road. We celebrate our partnership and thank you for giving girls the adventure opportunities and leadership experiences of Girl Scouts.

The gifts below were made between October 1, 2020 and September 30, 2021.

Gift Key: Board Member^ Staff Member* Deceased+

$10,000 +
The R.C. Durr Foundation, Inc.
Dr. Rachel Eubank
The Austin E. Knowlton Foundation, Inc.
The Estate of Myrtle Mae Mitchell
Caryl Pfeiffer^
Riverside Generating Company, LLC
St. Elizabeth Healthcare
Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Kentucky, Inc.
United Way of the Bluegrass
United Way of Greater Cincinnati
$5,000 - $9,999
Berea College Appalachian Fund
Diane Curry Gentry^
Lexmark International
LG&E and KU Foundation
Eileen O'Brien^
$2,500 - $4,999
Duke Energy
Rick and Mary Beth Griffith
The Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels
McBrayer, PLLC
Jo Smith
United Way of Franklin County
$1,000 - $2,499
Mr. and Mrs. William Baird III
Carol^ and Michael Beirne
Chad Bilz^
Brown Memorial Trust
Burnette Family Charitable Foundation, Inc.
City of Berea
Michael Crye
Fidelity Investments
Karen Greenwell^
Anne Weston Hackett
Virginia Long
Peggy S. Marquardt
Sandra McCain^
Mutual of America Foundation
Katherine Redmond
Kathleen Regan^ and Alison Dunn
The Lexington Rotary Club Endowment
SPC Russell E. Madden Memorial Account
Traditional Bank
Troop 2950
Tyson Foods
United Way of Northeast Kentucky
$500 - $999
  • Bank of Lexington
    Susie^ and Kenny Basham
    Amber Bovard
    Connie Carl
    Rosemary Carter
    Katherine Dalton
    Susan Douglas* and Chad Coffey
    Susan Eaton
    Girl Scout Troop 2291
    Pat Haight
    Courtney Hampton^
    Phyllis Hasbrouck
    Kentucky American Water
    Karen King
    Mary E. Kornman
  • Kroger Community Rewards
    Billie Lepisto
    Marathon Petroleum Company LP
    Maysville Lions Club
    Chris McDaniel
    Rebecca McDonough^
    Susan and Warren+ McEuen
    Rachel Roberts
    Laura Onken and Wade Tandy
    Becki Thompson
    Angela* and Brett Tinch
    Toyota - Employee Matching
    Troop 101
    Cynthia Wayland*
    Angela Young
$250 - $499
  • Barrett P. Albrecht
    Jaclyn Badeau^
    Elizabeth Wade Barber
    Julie Bergantino
    Anne Bolton
    Jennifer Bramel
    Sara Ann Browning
    John Chappell
    Libby Chenault
    Gay Nell Conley
    Betty Cowherd
    Kim Cowherd
    Barbara Domek
    Rhoda Eldot
    Facebook - birthday fundraisers
    Deidra Fajack*
    Cliff and Cathy Feltham
    Foundation for the Tri-State Community
    Nikki Duvall Fry*
    Karen Grace
    Nancy Grayson
  • Ericka Harney
    Hannah Helm
    Melanie and John Johnson
    Charlotte Johnson
    Micki King
    Haleigh McGraw*
    Carolyn McNerney*
    Virginia Meagher
    Susan Miller
    Michael Plummer
    Rhonda Ritzi
    Edith Sallee
    Meghan Sandfoss
    Randall and Jacqueline Schultz
    Nicki and Felix Swiderski
    Daniel and Marjorie Thomas
    Erin Thomas
    Michael Tromans
    Marion and Jim Vruggink
    Ruby Webster*
    Gail Widmer
$100 - $249
  • Amazon Smile
    Susan and Jerry Anderson
    Ceirre Beecher
    Mary Birenbaum
    Karen Bowie^
    Terry Brewer
    Marketia Caisse
    Alan and Diane Campbell
    James and Clara Campbell
    Sylvia Chelf
    Tracy Curtis
    Tammy Durham*
    Joyce and David Duszynski
    John A. Duvall
    Kim Fender
    Joseph and Maureen Fink
    Marilyn Fockele
    Margaret Graham
    Nancy and John Graham
    Bruce Grambley*
    Joe Graviss
    Laura Gruen
    Teresa and Philip Hardesty
    Carolyn Holmes
    Tamara Huffman
    Melissa Ivie
    Emily Johnson*
    Danna Kent
    Peter and Meghan Knapp
    Eva and John LaRue
    Ruth Lemire
    Angela Lipscomb
  • William and Charlotte Lubawy
    John Mayhugh
    Stephanie Miceli
    Joyce Montag
    Morgan Stanley
    Marty Muenks
    Sydney Murray*
    Claire Parsons
    Carol Pickett
    Lucy Porter
    Sherri Powers*
    Catherine Prather
    Aja Price
    Glenn and Sonia Proudfoot
    Linda Ramsey
    Sarah Richardson
    Amy Sandlin
    Corey Sidebottom
    Dr. Kenneth Smith
    Jeff Spradling
    Michael and Kimberly Steinmetz
    Julie Sygiel
    Evelyn Tandy
    SuZanne and Kenneth Troske
    Lisa Turcotte
    William Vermillion
    Tom Vickers
    Latricia Walker*
    Janie Wheary
    Paula Wilcox
    Aimee Wulfeck
Up to $100
  • John Adams
    Marie Archambault
    Karen and Marc Avery
    Shannon Bailey*
    Gene and Donna Ballard
    Lela and Richard Barnhisel
    Amy Beisel
    Jeanne Berger^
    Scott Bowden
    Joy Bozorgzad
    Lelia Brannen
    Gail Brookhart
    Sara and Ben Brown
    Rachel Buser
    Sandra Byron
    Sachi Caldwell
    Jane Ann Carter
    Amanda Case
    Jessica Clark
    Joanne Cocanougher
    Krista Collins
    Sarah Cottongim
    Fred and Deborah Croswell
    Katie Dalton
    Duke Foundation
    Susie and Steve Duncan
    Emily Eggenschwiler*
    Carol Elkins
    Pattie Elliott
    Audra Ewing
    Faith Sunday School Class of Tates Creek Christian Church
    Katie Finnell
    Erin Focke
    Ronald Forrester
    Tracy Francis
    Ann Freytag
    Betsy Fusilier
    Paul Hager
    Megan Haigis
    Ann Ham
    Lindsey Hamm
    Debborah Harrison*
    Stefanie Hatfield
    Bianca Hawkins
    Yoko Horikawa
    Anna Huff
    Mary Jane Humkey
    Esther Hurlburt
    Immanuel Baptist Church, Lexington
    Tonya Jernigan
    Margaret Johnson
    Noelle Johnson*
    Opa Johnson
    Sarah Johnson
    Veronica Johnson
    Kimberly Jones
    Ann Keeling
    Anna Kirschner
    Nancy Kline
  • Lynn Rikhoff Kolokowsky
    Mackenzie Leachman
    Mike Lewis
    Sarah Lewis*
    Deborah Livingston
    Gabriela Lopez
    Maggie Martin
    Katie Mauldin*
    Robin-Lynn McClean
    Diane McCullough
    Jennifer McGowan
    Betty Meadows
    Tammy Mickschl
    Hayley Miller
    Ashley Misik
    Alison Moncayo
    Dana Napier
    Carroll Neely
    Network for Good
    Rayceil Oggs
    Emilee Ott
    Santana Perkins
    Karen Pierzala*
    Rena Pigg
    Megan Polly
    Nan Price
    Rosalynn Quinones
    Melanie Quisenberry
    Julie Ransdell
    Jessie Rice
    Sarah Rice
    Debby and Jimmy Robinson
    Kristin Schanche
    Edward and Ann E. Scott
    Kate Sears
    Selina Sierra
    Briana Smith
    Ethan Smith
    Katie Snowdon
    Donna Spindel
    Judith H. Stacy
    Carrie Stambaugh
    Haley Stamm
    Hillary Stevens
    Amanda Sublett
    Georgetta Swartz
    Hana Toupin
    Mary Jo Trimble
    United Way of Southwestern Pennsylvania
    Liesel Van Wyk
    Andres Vuittonet
    Sue B. Wagoner
    Brandy Wahle
    Carolyn Waller
    Wells Fargo
    Mary Williams
    Elizabeth Winchell
    Darreldean Winkler
    Robert Wolfe
    Jennifer Young
Troop 1912 Members
Girl Scouts of Kentucky’s Wilderness Road is honored to recognize the members of Troop 1912.
Troop 1912 is an honorary Girl Scout troop which recognizes individuals who partner financially and provide sustaining support for Girl Scouts of Kentucky’s Wilderness Roads. Thank you for your commitment to the traditions of Girl Scouts and for creating a legacy for the next generation of leaders.
Troop 1912 - GSKWR - Final
  • Jaclyn Badeau^
    Mr. and Mrs. William Baird III
    Elizabeth Wade Barber
    Susie Basham^
    Carol^ and Michael Beirne
    Anne Bolton
    Karen Bowie^
    Jennifer Bramel
    Terry Brewer
    Sara Ann Browning
    Marketia Caisse
    Connie Carl
    Rosemary Carter
    John Chappell
    Sylvia Chelf
    Libby Chenault
    Gay Nell Conley
    Betty J. Cowherd
    Kimberly G. Cowherd
    Tracy Curtis
    Katherine Dalton
    Barbara Domek
    Susan Douglas* and Chad Coffey
    Tammy Durham*
    Susan Eaton
    Rhoda Eldot
    Dr. Rachel Eubank
    Deidra Fajack*
    Cliff and Cathy Feltham
    Nikki Duvall Fry*
    Karen Grace
    Margaret Graham
    Karen Greenwell^
    Mary Beth and Rick Griffith
    Anne Weston Hackett
    Pat Haight
    Courtney Hampton^
    Teresa and Philip Hardesty
    Ericka Harney
    Phyllis Hasbrouck
    Hannah Helm
    Tamara Huffman
    Melanie and John Johnson
    Opa Johnson
    Charlotte Johnson
    Emily Johnson*
  • Danna Kent
    Micki King
    Karen King
    Peter and Meghan Knapp
    Mary E. Kornman
    Billie Lepisto
    Tammy Liles
    Angela Lipscomb
    Virginia Long
    Peggy S. Marquardt
    Sandra McCain^
    Rebecca McDonough^
    Susan and Warren+ McEuen
    Haleigh McGraw*
    Carolyn McNerney*
    Virginia Meagher
    Stephanie Miceli
    Susan Miller
    Eileen O'Brien^
    Caryl Pfeiffer^
    Sherri Powers*
    Aja Price
    Linda Ramsey
    Katherine Redmond
    Kathleen Regan^ and Alison Dunn
    Sarah Richardson
    Rhonda Ritzi
    Rachel C. Roberts
    Edith Sallee
    Meghan Sandfoss
    Jo Smith
    Nicki and Felix Swiderski
    Julie Sygiel
    Evelyn Tandy
    Laura Onken and Wade Tandy
    Daniel and Marjorie Thomas
    Erin Thomas
    Becki Thompson
    Angela* and Brett Tinch
    SuZanne and Kenneth Troske
    Lisa Turcotte
    Jim and Marion Vruggink
    Latricia Walker*
    Cynthia Wayland*
    Ruby Webster*
    Gail Widmer
    Paula Wilcox

The gifts above were made between October 1, 2020 and September 30, 2021.

Juliette Gordon Low Society
The Juliette Gordon Low Society honors friends who have included Girl Scouts of Kentucky’s Wilderness Road in their estate plans. Their commitment ensures that future generations of girls will experience the adventure, education, and leadership opportunities available only through Girl Scouts. We are eternally grateful for their decision to provide a legacy gift.
If you have made plans to support GSKWR with a legacy gift, we would be honored to add you to this special group.
Erik and Eva Andersen Girl Scout Movement-wide Challenge Planned Gift
Jaclyn Badeau^
Carol^ and Michael Beirne
Dianne Belk and Lawrence Calder Girl Scout Movement-wide Challenge Planned Gift
Mary Birenbaum
Kimberly G. Cowherd
Diane Curry Gentry^
Susan Eaton
Cindy Ferguson
Ann Freytag
Jodi Garrison +
Karen Greenwell^
Anne Weston Hackett
Hannah Helm
Charlotte Johnson
Virginia Long
Sandra McCain^
Eileen O'Brien^
Myra Raiche
Kathleen Regan^ and Alison Dunn
Jo Smith
Julie Sygiel
Sara Thurston
Ruby Webster*
Natalie Wilson
Kathy Woods
Gift Key: Board Member^ Staff Member* Deceased+
Juliette Low Endowment
Bonnie Bryson
Rosemary Carter
Mary Janet and Wendell Cartmell
Jane Chaput
Carrie Cinnamond
Pat Galliher
Pat Haight
Phyllis Hasbrouck
Dr. Ardis Hoven
Deb MacKay
Dr. Janet McCoy
Virginia Meagher
Dr. Lisa Miller
Caryl Pfeiffer^
Myra Raiche
Carol Czirr Russell
Susie Scheiwe
Jo Smith
Marjorie and Daniel Thomas
Sara Tuttle
Natalie Wilson
Tribute Gifts
In Honor Of Kathy Duvall Grantham and Georgetown's Troop 117             
Nikki Duvall Fry*             
Catherine Prather           
In Honor Of Amy Greene              
Ann Keeling       
In Honor Of Jude Hehman           
Claire Parsons   
In Honor Of Evelyn Tandy            
Laura Onken and Wade Tandy    
In Honor Of Esme Thomas           
Donna Spindel   
In Honor Of Cynthia Wayland     
Melissa Ivie       
Joyce Montag   
Liesel Van Wyk 
In Honor Of Jake             
John Mayhugh  
In Honor Of Stella and Betty       
Randall and Jacqueline Schultz   
In Memory Of Teddy Coble         
Carol Elkins        
In Memory Of Pauline Juanita Crye          
Michael Crye     
In Memory Of Charlene "Herbie" Doolin
Joy Bozorgzad   
Sara and Ben Brown       
Pattie Elliott      
Georgetta Swartz            
Angela Young    
In Memory Of Jodi Garrison        
Gene and Donna Ballard              
Sachi Caldwell   
Fred and Deborah Croswell         
Faith Sunday School Class of Tates Creek Christian Church            
Joseph and Maureen Fink            
Marilyn Fockele
Pat Haight          
Ann Ham            
Phyllis Hasbrouck            
Woody Johnson
Ruth Lemire       
Betty Meadows
Melanie Quisenberry      
Amanda Sublett
Mary Jo Trimble               
Cynthia Wayland*           
Ruby Webster* 
Janie Wheary    
Darreldean Winkler        
In Memory Of Roberta Grace Geoly         
Robin-Lynn McClean      
In Memory Of Albert A. "Ab" Ishmael, Sr.             
Rhonda Ritzi      
In Memory Of Wanda Lewis       
Immanuel Baptist Church            
In Memory Of Hazel Logue          
Cliff and Cathy Feltham 
In Memory Of Ann F. Scott          
Edward and Ann E. Scott
Gifts in Kind
All American Graphics, Grayson
Biggby Coffee
Bluegrass Hospitality Group
Boyd County Board of Education
Boyd County Extension Office
Boyd County Parks & Recreation
Children's Collaborative Coalition
Colonial Cottage, Erlanger
Kim Cowherd
Florence Y'alls
The Fresh Market, Lexington
Debbie Forker
Frisch's Big Boy
Galleria Candy
Got-A-Go Rentals & Septic Services
Tara Hamilton*
Kenton County Public Library
Kentucky Horse Park
The Kroger Company
Kroger, Ashland
Lowe's, Ashland
The Mountain Muse, Prestonsburg
Office Depot
Old School Coffee, Lexington
Pike County Pathways
Queen City Pollinator Project
Raising Cane's
Ritchie's Hallmark, Prestonsburg
Sam's Club
Shop Local Kentucky
Snappy Tomato Pizza
Staples, Lexington - Hamburg
Tanya's Image and Wellness Salon, Crestview Hills
Texas Roadhouse, Fort Wright
Tractor Supply Co., Paintsville
UK HealthCare
Marissa Wallace
The Woodhouse Day Spa, Crestview Hills

Girl Scouts of Kentucky’s Wilderness Road gratefully acknowledges all donors who have invested in girls with their generous donations in our 2021 fiscal year. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this information. Please contact the Fund Development Department at 859.293.2621 to bring any inaccuracies or omissions to our attention.

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2020-2021 Financials

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The condensed statements of financial position and activities have been summarized from the audited financial statements. The audited financial statements are available for inspection upon request.

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