World of Girls: Meetings 5-6

Session 5-6 are combined to give you and the girls the flexibility in time and planning to carry out their Change a Story project. The girls will complete their project plan and go over each girl’s responsibilities for it. Ahead of each session, review their plan and confirm everyone’s role, and be sure each girl’s contribution is included. Check ahead on the time or locations of any off-site activities (see the Project Preparation Tips, page 63).

Session 5 and 6: Change a Story: Making It Happen

Goal: The Brownies move ahead with carrying out a team project to benefit girls in their community.


  1. “Project Check Sheets” from Session 4
  2. Assorted materials Large sheets of paper
  3. Crayons
  4. Colored markers or pencils
  5. Photocopies of the scavenger hunt grid (one for each girl)

Opening Ceremony: Will it Change? We Think it Can!

  • Gather girls in a circle and ask each girl to say one thing that she would like to happen as a result of the changes they are making. Then ask the girls to repeat this chant: We know how the story starts, For the middle we have a plan. How it ends is up to us, Will it change? We think it can!

Carry It Out!

  • This is the time for the girls to move their plan forward! Give them time to organize their Change a Story event and any materials or presentations they’ll use for it.
  • Have the girls work on whatever might be needed for the team’s effort. Guide Brownies to promote good teamwork.
  • Also be sure to look over the planning sheets that you completed together at your last gathering.
  • If girls are having doubts about the efforts not being big enough, reassure them that starting small is important
  • Be sure to point out the passage about seeds and mighty oaks on page 28 in the GIRLS side of their book

Drawing Ourselves

  • Encourage the girls to brainstorm their own symbols and meanings, adding labels to their portraits t show what each symbol means

The Hunt is On!

  • Get creative! Create a scavenger hunt in which each girl gets a grid. Then have the girls go around the room, asking one another questions and filling in the boxes with the names of girls who fall into each category, until each box has only one name.

Story Charades and the Power of Stories

  • Remind the Brownies that this journey is about stories of girls all around the world.
  • Ask them to name some of their favorite stories and act out their favorite parts. Continue these story charades until each girl has had a chance to act.

Sun and Ice

  • This game is a Mexican version of tag. Have Brownies form two teams and decide which team will be the first to try and tag the players on the other team.
  • If a player is tagged, she has to say ice and cannot move. She remains frozen until another member of her team tags her and says sun. The teams switch roles after five minutes.
  • Afterward, invite one girl to place a sticky note on Mexico on the globe or world map and say what she enjoyed most about playing Sun and Ice.

A Girl Scout Story

  • Refresh the girls’ memories of their clue-finding from one of their previous meetings.
    • Then read a brief story and inform the girls they will need to pay attention to the clue in the story and challenges that are going to be faced.
  • Follow the script on page 75 of the Adult Guide

Closing Ceremony: My Favorite Part

  • Invite Brownies to form circle, close their eyes, and think back to earlier times in the journey.
  • For more information refer to page 76 of Adult Guide
  • In the next Session, the girls have an opportunity to begin planning how they will tell others about the change they made in their world. Also ask girls to look through magazines or newspapers for advertisements that show girls, and to try to bring in one or two. Explain to girls that they will be looking at these and other ads to explore how the media tells stories of girls and how the media can teach them about inspiring others.
  • For more information refer to page 77 of the Adult Guide.