World of Girls: Meeting 9

Meeting 9: Our Whole Story

Goal: The Brownies earn their Tell a Story Award, consider their place in the world of girls, and begin to plan a celebration of all they’ve learned and accomplished on this journey.


  1. Tell a Story awards for each Brownie
  2. Quilt squares or cut paper
  3. Markers, crayons, and/or colored pencils
  4. Scissors
  5. Glue
  6. Rulers
  7. Assorted art materials (stickers, yarn, felt, cotton balls, ribbon, beads, glitter, etc.)
  8. World map or globe
  9. Sticky notes
  10. Paint
  11. Paint brushes
  12. Paper

Opening Ceremony: Earning the Tell a Story Award

  • Gather the girls together and recall some highlights of how they told their story of change. Then present each girl with her Tell a Story Award.

A Special Piece of the Whole

  • Start this creative activity by explaining to the girls that they will be creating a quilt square that tells the story of one thing they do really well.

Pass it On

  • Have a small discussion with the girls on what they remember about the third story in the WORLD side of their book (beginning on page 28). Share with the Brownies some of the information about the Inuit people (information can be found on sidebar).

Painting Mixed Feelings

  • Refer to page 91 in Adult Guide for information on activity

Planning a “Better World for Girls!” Celebration

  • Invite girls to plan a party, big or small, to celebrate their journey and they wonderful world of girls

Creative Spirit

  • Follow script on page 92 of the Adult Guide.

Closing Ceremony: Friendship Squeeze

  • Gather girls together and invite them to close this time together with a simple friendship squeeze.