World of Girls: Meeting 7-8

Meeting  7 and 8: Planning and Telling Our Story of Change

Goal: The Brownies gain confidence by planning for and telling an audience the story of the change they made, and inspiring that audience to keep the changes going.


  1. At least one print ad per Brownie (see page 77 of Adult Guide)
  2. Scissors
  3. Glue
  4. Paper
  5. Drawing Materials
  6. Assorted art materials

Opening Ceremony: Earning the Change a Story Award

  • Invite girls to stand in a circle and remind them of the steps they took to earn their Change a Story Award.

Ads Among Us

  • Girls’ worlds are full of advertising and media, and this activity will get them thinking about the stories, both real and fictional, that ads tell about girls.

Create Your Own Ads

  • This is a great way to help Brownies understand advertisement. They will create their own ads and then share them and express what they feel works best in one another’s ads.

Planning to Tell Our Story of Change

  • The girls should use what they’ve learned about stories, ads and the media to tell others about their Story of Change project. Explain that one to create a change that “keeps going” is to encourage others to get involved. And telling the story of their change also earns them their Tell a Story Award!