World of Girls: Meeting 4

Meeting 4: Planning for Change a Story

Goal: The Brownie Team chooses a clue for change that will benefit girls in their community.


  1. World map
  2. Sticky notes
  3. Scenarios on slips of paper“Hear a Story, Find a Clue” worksheet (from Session 2)
  4. Photocopies of the “Project Check Sheets” (see pages 66-67)
  5. Music (that girls can dance to)
  6. Team Passport
  7. Assorted art materials

Opening Ceremony: Stretching Towards Our Best

  • Gather the Brownies in a circle and follow the script on page 59 of the Adult Guide.

Giving, Sharing, Changing

  • To get the girls into the mind-set of making a positive change in the world around them, get them talking about “Dancing with Chosita.”

Saying How it Feels to Me

  • The Brownies are about to team up to plan a project, and they may not always agree on what actions to take. One way they might resolve disagreements is to say how they feel in ways that are true to themselves and yet respectful of others.
  • As the project moves forward, ensure that girls are learning from what they are doing, meeting new people, building skills, and understanding how they’re growing. Set aside time to talk about the progress the team is making.

Choosing our Change and Getting Started on it

  • Now that the Brownies have thought about ways of giving to others and about speaking up for themselves, it’s time to begin their Change a Story project.
  • Explain that together they will choose one clue for change in a project in their community.

Dance it Out

  • Time for a break from planning!! Remind the girls of Chosita’s dance and the carvings of dancing figures in the “Dancing with Chosita” story in the WORLD side of their book.

 What If…?

  • Wrap up the session by asking the girls what they think would happen if girls all around the world “changed a story” by doing a project like the one they are planning.
  • This is also a good time to discuss World Thinking Day and ideas for their Team Passport

Closing Ceremony: How will the Story End?

  • The project will be more meaningful to the girls if they have a vision of how their community will be changed by their actions. To help make the change more concrete, ask each girl to think about a single (imaginary) girl in the community and to describe what the Brownies’ project could mean to that one girl.