World of Girls: Meeting 3

Meeting 3: From Story Clues to Story Change

Goal: The Brownies use their growing awareness about all that stories can teach us to explore how they can create new stories through their actions. They find that they have the power to make the world a better place!


  1. Set of index cards (each card should have words or phrases written on them refer to page 50 of Adult Guide)Selection of peppers, both hot and sweet, in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors
  2. Team Passport
  3. Assorted art materials

 Opening Ceremony: Our World of Girls

  • Gather Brownies in circle and invite each girl to name one new thing she has learned about the world of girls on this journey.  (If they need a reminder you may want girls to look into their Team Passport or drop hints about stories they asked women in their families)

Role –Playing Positive Change

  • Get Brownies thinking about their ability to create change in their worlds based on clues in stories
  • Have girls, individually or in small groups, role-play what the girls in the stories faced and solved or made better.  ( If group would rather draw, suggest they make a quick sketch of what the girl characters did)
  • As Brownies watch their sister Brownie role-play have them address the positive changes taking place in the lives of the girls in the stories

Two Story Relays

  • These two relay races get the girls up and about as they put words together to create stories
  • For relay 1, have two sets of cards each card holding one of the 14 words/phrases listed on page 50.
  • Make sure cards are mixed up
  • Also make sure there is a table at one end of the room and a cleared space for running
  •  For relay 2, the girls will create a story from a set of words (any story that makes sense)

Circle ‘Round the Story

  • Gather Brownies in circle and follow script on page 52 in Adult Guide.

Sweet, Spicy, Smooth and Bright

  • In stories and in real life, girls sometimes feel different in some ways from others. As a way for the Brownies to experience and appreciate diversity in the world, show them the peppers you’ve brought of various shapes, sizes, and colors, and degrees of spiciness.
  • Be sure not to lay out the peppers so that similar ones are next to each other.

Our Own Bookmobile

  • Remind girls of how Grandmother Elf’s bookmobile is a fun feature of the stories in their book. Point them to the “Stories on the Go” section of page 16 in the WORLD side, which explains the history of bookmobiles and how they are used around the world
  • Then ask the girls to think about an imaginary bookmobile that can travel around the world
  •  Guide the girls to generate a group list of the top 10 books for their bookmobile. Encourage them to stand up for any books they think should be included.

Closing Ceremony: The Title of My Story

  • Give all the girls a chance to add to the Team Passport. Then gather them in a Brownie Circle and let them have fun with the chant on page 56 of the Adult Guide. They can start it softly and then say it progressively louder