World of Girls: Meeting 2

Meeting 2: Girls in Our World

Goal: The Brownies enjoy seeing how they already belong to so many circles, or “world,” of girls and women. They go on to explore how stories about women and girls often hold clues about actions they can take to make the world a better place.


  1. Art materials (Team Passport refer to list in session 1)
  2. Jump Ropes (six or seven)
  3. Sheets of Paper
  4. Markers
  5. Index cards or slips of paper
  6. Photocopies of “Hear a Story, Find a Clue” (page 44 of Adult Guide)

Opening Ceremony: Girls in My World

  • Invite the Brownies into a Friendship Circle and have them name one thing they like to do with other girls
  • After each girl has had a chance, ask them to think over what their sister Brownies have said and then go around the circle again, with each one saying:
    • I like to _____, too, just like (name of another Brownie)

Team Passport

  • Remind girls that they decided to create their Team Passport, which will tell the story of their journey, and get them going on some additions for it, as they planned during the first session.

Overlapping Worlds

  • Have the Brownies use all but one of the jump ropes on have to make large overlapping circles on the floor. ( If enjoying the activity outdoors, they can instead draw overlapping chalk circles on blacktop)
  • Then invite girls to pick up jump ropes and take turns jumping.
  • Encourage them to team up to create an easy jump rose song, or use a variation on a traditional chant

Me and My Girl Worlds

  • This activity helps the girls get a deeper understanding of their own worlds and the women and girls who are part of those worlds.
  • To begin, give each girl a sheet of paper and markers
  • Have girls draw a circle that takes up most of the paper, fold paper into quarters, and unfold the paper. The circle stands for your world.
  • In each quarter of the circle, write or draw one of the groups of girls or women who are part of your world.
  • After the girls have drawn their groups, invite each to choose one of them and explain what she likes about it and how she feels when she is with the group.

Girl Worlds in Stories

  • Inform the girls on how there are girl worlds in stories, too, of course!
  • Pass out the index cards (or slips of paper) and have them write the names of a favorite character on one side and one word describing the character on the other side

Earning the Hear a Story Award

  • Gather brownies in a circle and congratulate the girls on being great clue finders!