World of Girls: Meeting 10

Meeting 10: World of Girls Celebration

Goal: The girls create works of art that express what it means to them to belong to a world of girls, as they celebrate their journey and their place in the world.


  1. Assorted Materials (creation station)
  2. Awards for each Brownie

Opening Ceremony: Follow the Leader

  • Ask one girl to volunteer to be the first leader. What the group must do is up to her. Each girl will take turns being a leader and perform one simple action that the rest of the group will follow.


  • Remind the girls that this journey has been about connecting with other girls, invite Brownies to stand, say hello to the guests, introduce another Brownie to the larger group, and describe something that the two girls share. Continue until all the girls have been introduced.

Creation Station Tips

  • It’s time to start creating! Some stations may be more popular than others, and girls might work at more than one.

Sharing our Stories

  • In this part of the celebration, give each girl a chance to have the spotlight. For some girls this will mean giving a performance. Others will be displaying and describing a finished work of art they’ve just created. Ask each girl to present her creation and explain how it shows her connection to the world of girls.

Earning the Better World for Girls! Award

  • Once all the girls have shared their works of art, present each with her Better World for Girls! Award.


  • Bring the refreshments and invite everyone to mingle and have fun. Play music from around the world for listening or dancing. Ask someone to take photos of the girls’ artwork, the decorations and festivities. A photo of all the Brownies beside their Team Passport (or guide or world map) will make a great memento of the journey.

Closing Ceremony: Our Stories Link Us

  • Gather the girls together and ask them to take a quiet moment to reflect on how their own work of art shows their connection to other girls. Then ask the Brownies to link arms and take turns going around saying the script that’s on page 100 of the Adult Guide.