World of Girls: Meeting 1

Meeting 1: Girls Around the World

Goal: The Brownies have fun exploring how stories and games can link them to the wide world of girls – and how they belong to this wide world of girls, too!


  1. Paper
  2. Markers
  3. Assorted art materials (Team Passport)
  4. Decorating materials (Markers, tape, yarn, glitter, maps or postcards)
  5. Art Materials (Team Passport)
  6. Items to go into Team Passport
  7. Large object for obstacles (desks, chair, boxes or books)
  8. Handkerchief
  9. Globe or world map
  10. Sticky notes or slips of paper
  11. Computer with internet (optional, to show the WAGGGS Web site, see page 33 or Adult Guide)

Opening Ceremony: A Circle of Adventure

  • Gather the girls and welcome them to this journey (A World of Girls)
  • Have girls’ link arms and image they’re forming a circle around the world. While still linked, have circle recite the Girl Scout Promise and the Girl Scout Law together
  • Then begin a brief discussion with points suggested on page 29 of the Girl Scout Brownie Adult Guide

Introducing the Journey’s Awards

  • Explain to the girls that in this Journey they will earn four awards and point out the pictures of awards located on page 7 of the GIRLS side of their book
    • Hear a Story
    • Change a Story
    • Tell a Story
    • Better World for Girls!

Team Passport

  • Have Brownies turn to page 39 in their Girls Book. Explain to them that they will be tracking all the awards they earn on their Passport Pages.
  • Also invite girls to create a Team Passport, so that they can capture the story of the activities that participate in together along this journey. Let girls know to be prepared next meeting to create the Team Passport.
  • You may want to also explain what a passport is for girls who may not know.

Take Home Assignment: Have girls make or chose an item to place in their Team Passport box. Item should reflect their experiences all along the journey.

  • Have Brownies decorate a box (either draw or cover box with a map(s) or postcards). Team Passport is intended to be very creative and a highly imaginative take on a passport.
  • Then have girls fill it with items that they will be bringing from home.

Games Around the Globe

  • Discuss with the Brownies games and how much fun they can be!
  • Ask girls to name different games they like to play and explain why they like them. Once each girl has had a chance to share, invite the group to play Banyoka or CencioMollo

Girl Scouts Around the World

  • Continue the mapping activity by asking the girls to point out other countries where they think Brownies might live.
  • If possible, show the girls the Web site of the World Association of Girls Guides and Girl Scouts (

Closing Ceremony

  • Invite girls to have fun with poem (page 34 of Adult Guide) acting out the action words of the poem.
  • Have group stand together and each say a line from the poem, repeating all lines until everyone has had a turn.
  • Show the girls a globe (or map) of the world and introduce them to the idea that they’re connected to other girls in other countries all around the world.