A World of Girls

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It’s Your Story, Tell it. A World of Girls

Stories teach Brownies clues about how they can create a positive change in the world, change that affects girls.

  • Hear a Story Award-Girls see that stories hold clues for how to better the world. Brownies find a clue in a story that represents a change they can make in their world.
  • Change a Story Award-Girls realize they have the power to change things for the better. They act on a clue to change things for the better for girls in their world.
  • Tell A Story Award-Girls have the confidence and knowledge to educate and inspire others. They teach others about the change they created in their community and inspire their audience to support the change too.
  • Better World for Girls! Award-they understand that they belong to a large and far reaching world of girls.  Girls use creative expression (of their choice) to show what it means to them to be part of a larger world of girls.

Printable Meeting Guide  

Session by Session Meeting Guide

Meeting 1: Girls Around the World

Meeting 2: Girls in Our World

Meeting 3: From Story Clues to Story Change

Meeting 4: Planning for Change a Story

Meeting 5-6: Change a Story: Making it Happen

Meeting 7-8: Planning and Telling Our Story of Change

Meeting 9: Our Whole Story

Meeting 10: World of Girls Celebration