What Parents Need To Know

Troop Leader and Troop Number

You need to know your leader’s name and phone number along with the troop number.  This information will be helpful when buying materials from the Girl Scout Shop and contacting your membership specialist (the staff person assigned to work in your county)  for information.

Date, Time and Location of Meetings

Your troop leader should give you information about your troop meetings.  You are responsible for making arrangements to get your daughter to and from meetings.  You will need to talk to your daughter’s leader to get this information.

Books and Uniforms

Each grade level has its own set of books and uniforms.  The books include information and fun, hands-on activities that girls complete to earn awards.  Uniforms are not required in Girl Scouts, but we recommend girls have a sash or vest to display their awards.  The Girl Scout uniform can be put together in many different ways.  Some troops will decide on certain pieces or make their own t-shirts, while others allow the individual girls to decide what type of uniform to wear.  This information is available from the troop leader.  Check with her before you go shopping.  The Girl Scout uniform is worn with pride and readily identifies girls as members.  Parents can purchase the Girl Scout uniform and other related items at Girl Scout Service Centers in Ashland, Erlanger, Lexington and London or online at www.gskentucky.org. Mail orders are also accepted.  Be sure to check with your Girl Scout leader about what items are needed.  Click here to go shop information on-line.