What are the most important KEYS for Brownies to own? Find out with Brownie Quest!

What are the most important KEYS for a Brownie Girl Scout to own?

The Brownie Quest leads second and third graders to travel on a quest to earn the 3 Keys to leadership and Brownie Quest Award.  Along the Quest, Girl Scout Brownies will meet three new friends and a bright and shining elf! The Brownie story meant to inspire their own Take Action Projects.

Discover Key - Girls discover their special qualities and talents, values of the Girl Scout Law, and the special qualities and values of their families.

Connect Key - Girls connect as a Brownie team, with their families on a healthy living activity and with their communities to increase healthy living opportunities.

Take Action Key - Girls identify a community place where they can Take Action, plan a Take Action project, and improve their world by carrying out their project.

Brownie Quest Award - This is the master lock that needs all 3 keys in order to open unlocking the meaning of leadership.

There are lots of resources to help leaders guide their troop to earn the Brownie Quest Awards.   All Journeys come with a leaders “How to Guide” and this one is called “How to Guide Girl Scout Brownies on Brownie Quest”.  It is a great resource for games, crafts and other activities that you can do with your troop as you earn the Brownie Quest. 

Kentucky’s Wilderness Road Council website has Journey Outlines.  These are found on the website under “For Girls”.   The outline for Brownie Quest maps out 4 sessions or meetings to earn the Journey awards; click here.


Girl Scouts of the USA also has resources for leaders to use. 


Print & Play — Brownie Elf and Friends Tree House – Make a fun tree house for Brownie Elf and friends and put on a puppet show!

Use this to: Connect girls with the Brownie friends, Brownie Elf and others in the Journey books, particularly Brownie Quest which introduces the tree house. Use with the Finger Puppets Print and Play and let the tree house serve as a stage.

What girls get from this: This activity inspires girls to connect with the Brownie friends and their Take Action ideas and projects. It serves as a stage for girls to use finger puppets to express feelings, resolve conflicts, and learn about Girl Scouting.  It also stimulates artistic expression in making the tree house and staging a play.

Print & Play — Finger Puppets — Print out what you need to make your own finger puppets featuring the Brownie Elf and friends!

Use this to: Connect girls with the Brownie friends, Brownie Elf and others in the Journey books and learn about Girl Scouting, Take Action projects and what Brownies do.

What girls get from this: This activity encourages girls to “see themselves” and relate to the Brownie friends. This activity prompts girls to express their views on a topic and work together to solve a problem. It also stimulates artistic expression in making puppets and staging a play.