Tips for Daisy Meetings

 #7 Components of a Girl Scout Daisy Meeting (continued)



  1. Be prepared: Set up materials, make sure all adults involved know their roles at the meeting.
  2. Pre-Meeting Activity: Allow girls to learn to work independently, gives leaders a chance to great each girl and family members. Puzzles, drawing, books, a game everyone knows.
  3. Connect with Each Girl: Take the time to greet each girl and find out how she is feeling. If the girls are full of energy, you may want to save that quiet activity for another time.
  4. Five & One Minute Warnings: Transitioning can be difficult for girls of this age group. Time warnings help.
  5. Establish Routines: Lets girls know what to expect, and gives them ownership of their meeting. Use Kaper Charts, let them know where things are kept, off limit areas, etc.
  6. Opening Ceremony: Single flag ceremonies, group cheers, singing favorite songs, reciting the Promise and Law, etc. Use kapers to involve girls in planning the opening ceremony.
  7. Sharing Time: Encourage girls to talk about their interests, feelings, and daily experiences.
  8. Daisy Girl Scout Circle: Involve the girls in planning. At first, the girls may need to choose from offered choices, and later will be able to go further.
  9. Snack Time: Girls can take turns brining the snack, and passing them out. This should be an enjoyable and informal time when the girls can relax and enjoy bring together.
  10. Clean Up: Clean up is a troop responsibility, and a real chance for the girls to learn to be responsible. All of the girls should help with the clean up, and one or two girls can be assigned as checkers on the kaper chart.
  11. Closing Ceremony: Friendship circle and squeeze, say good-bye in other languages, group hug, sing a song, etc. Use kapers to involve the girls in planning.
  12. Goodbye: Make sure to learn who is responsible for picking up each girl.

Snack Bucket

Your daughter has brought home the Daisy Troop Snack Bucket. Please send it back with your daughter to our next meeting with enough healthy snacks for _____ girls. Girls in our troop are allergic to: ______

Helping Hands” – attach some gloves to a ribbon and let girls with “clean up” as a kaper wear these around their shoulders. Or you can trace hands onto heavy paper, then cut out and staple to some yarn.