Sensitive Issues

#6 Getting to Know a Girl Scout Junior (continued)



Sensitive issues are defined as “topics highly personal in nature or rooted in beliefs and values, e.g. AIDS, child abuse, human sexuality and religion.”

Girl Scout Junior aged girls will be likely to talk about, and be interested in some subjects that may be considered sensitive.  Although many leaders may prefer that these topics not come up, they may come up anyway.

The leader’s role is as a caring adult who can help girls acquire their own skills and knowledge in a supportive atmosphere rather than as an advocate of any particular position.

General Guidelines for Sensitive Issues

  1. Remain neutral.
  2. Provide factual information.
  3. Respect the girls’ family values.
  4. Admit when you don’t know an answer, or if the topic makes you uncomfortable.
  5. Express confidence in the girls’ decision-making abilities.
  6. Protect the girls’ privacy.
  7. Gently interrupt if the discussion becomes too personal and suggest that you talk it over after the meeting.
  8. If possible, bring in experts.
  9. Parental permission slips for Sensitive Issues should be used whenever doing a program or discussing such issues, e.g. – menstruation.
  10. Consult with council staff for additional support.

The sensitive issues permission slip can be found under forms on the council web site or you can download it here.  Before doing a program around sensitive issues talk with your service unit manager or membership specialist.