Meetings 5-7: MEdia

Meetings 5 – 7:

Purpose: Create and assemble MEdia remake that uses media tools to send their own message to the community.

Essential Questions:

• What message are we sending the community? How will our chosen media tools help us send this message?

• How can we make people aware of our remake? What are effective means of advertising our product?

Materials: Gather the materials that the girls will need for their project. Each Media remake differs on its material needs.


• These sessions have been set aside to work on and assemble the MEdia remake. Divide the tasks accordingly among the girls. Use the MEdia remake planner to keep the girls on task (You do not need to fill out the entire planner, just use the parts that are appropriate for your project).

• Remind the girls that their audience will be other campers, so they should present their ideas in a way that is appropriate for their peers.

• Campers are also responsible for creating an advertising campaign around the camp to promote awareness of their project. Review different ways to spread ideas around camp (print based, announcements, sidewalk chalk, etc).

• Girls who finish their task for the remake early can assist with assembly of the project and creating ads.

• After the project is assembled, create a plan for presenting your project (read your story to another unit, distribute your paper and have the girls gather reactions, have an art show, present your play to another unit, etc.). Coordinate with another unit (or units) so your girls will have an audience.

• Have the girls write up questions for a brief Q & A session that will take place immediately after their presentation. The questions will be asked to audience members and will let their girls gauge the reaction to their remake.

nSamples Questions:

_ What issue was presented to you today?

_ What messages did you see in this MEdia remake?

_ Did this remake present different views from a regular _________?

(newspaper, storybook, play, etc.).

Wrap Up Questions:

• How is our remake different from what is usually presented in media?

• Why is our MEdia remake relevant to the community?