Meeting 9: MEdia

Meeting 9:

Purpose: Review reactions to remake and reaffirm commitment to monitoring media.

Essential Questions:

• Now that you have done a MEdia remake, how will you continue to use media in new


• How can you use media tools to continue exploring the messages contained in different

forms of media?

Materials: Notebook, notecards, pen/pencil. Markers


• Now that the girls have explored as a group how to us media in a new way, they will make a personal plan affirming their commitment. At the end of this session, each girl will have a notecard outlining how she will continue using media in new ways.

• Introduce this session by telling the girls that now they will be moving into a more personal phase of journey where they will create a plan based on their own interests.

• Have the girls set up a chart in their notebooks that looks like the photocopy from pg. 96. Fill in a few of the left side columns for the girls and give them examples to get them started.

• Encourage them to choose the form or forms of media they feel best fit their talents and interests and to explore things they care about. They should brainstorm 3-4 challenges for themselves. (If the girls are having trouble thinking of ideas, pull info from the surveys or give personal examples. Get them thinking!)

• Tell them to choose their best idea and write it down on the note card using the sentence format from the chart. They can decorate the borders of the note card, it will be displayed during the final celebration.