Meeting 8: MEdia

Meeting 8:

Purpose: Present MEdia remake to the community.

Essential Questions:

• How can we present our project in an effective way? (Projection, annunciation, staging, maintaining audience interest)

Materials: Completed MEdia Remake, Audience Survey Questions, Pen/Pencil


  • With the girls, review good speaking and presenting techniques.
  • Speak slowly and loudly, create connection with your audience by facing them and making eye contact, stand up straight
  • Things to avoid: Touching your face, excessive hand or body movements, using crutch words, like “umm,” turning your back on an audience, talking quickly, slouching, looking down at a paper.
  • Using the presentation method decided upon at the end of last session, have the girls present their project. Monitor the audience to make sure they are paying attention to the presentation.
  • After the presentation, have the girls thank their audience. They can ask questions to their audience to poll their reactions to the remake. They can ask the questions verbally or prepare a printout for the audience. They should also leave time for the audience to ask questions.

Wrap Up Questions:

• How did the audience react to your remake?

• Did you communicate your message clearly? How did you know?