Meeting 8: Breathe

Goal: The girls assess what they earned during their observational visit, and their reasons for caring about air. They use their insights to make a team decision on an ALERT project and begin planning it together.

Meeting 8:

Supplies and Resources

  • Breathe Cadette Girl Scout Journey book
  • Markers, pens
  • Paper, glue, scissors, and tape
  • AWARE awards, enough for each girl
  • A copy of the Vision Statement certificate from page 66 of the adult guide
  • Healthy snack

Meeting Outline

 As the girls arrive:

  • Invite the girls to volunteer to help out with various parts of the meeting.

Opening Ceremony: Earning AWARE

  • Begin with a ceremony of the girls’ choice.
  • If they have completed all the requirements for their AWARE awards, they can also have a special ceremony to receive their awards.

Discussion: Observing the Observations

  • The girls will discuss their observations from the field exploration. Use the prompts on page 63 of the adult guide to get the discussion going.

Choosing an ALERT

  • You group will now decide on their ALERT project. Use pages 64 to 66 of the adult guide to help the girls decide what kind of project to do.
  • Invite the girls to fill out the certificate on page 66 of the adult guide with the Vision Statement for their ALERT project.

Journey Logistics

  • Discuss the topics listed on page 67 of the adult guide with the girls so that they can make any necessary decisions before the next meeting.

Animal Sense

  • Use page 67 in the adult guide to help the girls think about animals.

Snack Time!

Closing Ceremony: Flair Awards

  • Refer to page 67 of the adult guide for more information about this ceremony.