Meeting 8: aMuse

Meeting 8:


  • Girls Scout Junior Adult Guide
  • Girl Scout Junior Agent of Change (Girls Book)
  • aMUSE-ing snack (see page 55 in Adult Guide for recipe)

Opening Ceremony

  • Invite girls to choose their own opening ceremony
  • Girls will finish the planning their panel discussion

Fast Note Taking

  • Introduce the girls to note-taking tricks! These helpful tips for note-taking can help them rather they have chosen panel discussion or Callbacks on their own! Check out the sidebar on page 47 of the Adult Guide for more tips.

aMUSE-ing Snacks: Green Goddess Dip and Veggies

  • When Juniors are ready to enjoy the dip and veggies based on the recipe in the girls’ book, let them know that this snack is in honor of the muses featured throughout the journey

Closing Ceremony

  • Invite girls to come up with activity to end meeting

Looking Ahead to Session 4

  • Check in with all invited panelists to be sure they can attend and know the correct date, time and place of the discussion. Reach out to your Network, in case you need a backup panelist or two.
  • If Juniors are not hosting a panel discussion, start the session with a simple Opening Ceremony that makes use of the Team Prop Box and then skip right to “Ads Assume…” Ask the girls and your Network to bring old magazines with ads for products aimed at children the girls’ age, which they can tear or cut up for this activity. Aim to have extras on hand.
  • Also, ask your Network for volunteers to prepare the mini popcorn balls (see page 52 for recipe) for the next session’s snack, with some Juniors if possible.