Meeting 7: Sow What?

Goal: Girls consider the values represented by the various women featured in their books, and how they and these women are connected. They then focus their attention on the global issue of hunger, considering how their own decisions and actions impact the food network around the world.

Meeting 7:

Supplies and Resources

  • Sow What? Senior Girl Scout Journey Book?
  • Copy of page 71 of the adult guide
  • Any supplies needed for the activity the girls have chosen

Meeting Outline

As the girls arrive:

  • Invite one of the girls to cut up the names of the women and girls from page 71 of the adult guide.

Opening Ceremony: Shared Values

  • Put the cut up names in a bowl or bag and invite the girls to choose one. If you have a large troop or group, you might have the girls split into teams. Use the questions on page 65 of the adult guide to help the girls discuss what they have read about this person.

Hunger Pain Activity Option

  • Use the questions on page 66 of the adult guide to help the girls think about the impact of hunger around the world while they are completing the activities of their choice.
  • The girls will complete one of the activity options they chose at the end of the last meeting.

Genetic Engineering

  • Invite the girls to investigate genetic engineering, and then list its advantages and disadvantages.

Closing Ceremony

  • End this meeting with a ceremony of the girls’ choice. See page 41 for closing ceremony suggestions.