Meeting 6: Sow What?

Meeting 6:

Supplies and Resources

  • Sow What? Senior Girl Scout Journey Book
  • Any materials needed for the activities the girls have planned
  • Soil samples pH test kit

Meeting Outline

 During this meeting the girls will be doing the activities they planned at the end of the previous meeting. Be sure to encourage them to continue thinking about the food network and take time to discuss what they learned from these activities.

Opening Ceremony

  • Begin this meeting with a ceremony of the girls’ choice.
  • The girls will also learn about soil and how plants need soil to have the proper pH.
  • Invite the girls to read about soil on page 29 of their book.

Closing Ceremony

  • End this meeting with a ceremony of the girls’ choice. See page 41 for closing ceremony suggestions.

Plan It: Meetings Seven and Eight

  • Invite the girls to choose two activities from the activity options listed on pages 67-69 to complete during the next two meetings.