Meeting 5: Sow What?

Goal: Girls Investigate local agricultural practices and find out what some of the challenges are for people who produce food in their region for the larger food network.

Meeting 5:

Supplies and Resources

  • Sow What? Senior Girl Scout Journey Book
  • Any materials needed for the trip the girls have planned
  • Copies of page 61 of the adult guide for each girl or team of girls
  • Pencils or pens

Meeting Outline

Opening Ceremony

  • Begin this meeting with a ceremony of the girls’ choice.

Agriculture Investigation

  • Meet as a group before branching out to discuss the activity and address any questions the girls may have. Be sure to everyone understands when and where to meet up after completing the activity.
  • The girls will be investigating local agricultural practices during this meeting. Encourage them to write about the things they are discovering on the handouts

Closing Ceremony

  • End this meeting with a ceremony of the girls’ choice. See page 41 for suggestions.

Plan It: Meeting Six

  • At the end of this meeting, gather the girls together to plan the activities for the next meeting. Refer to pages 62 and 63 for suggestions. Invite the girls to choose 2 or 3 meeting activities, or make up one of their own, for meeting six.