Meeting 4: Sow What?

Goal: Girls explore the pleasures of the “local harvest” as they explore all the “ingredients” that go into experiencing a truly happy mean. They compare this experience to some of their day to day encounters with food and the food network and then go on to think about what makes relationships nourishing, too.

Meeting 4:

Supplies and Resources

  • Sow What? Senior Girl Scout Journey Book
  • Any materials needed for the meal the girls have planned

Meeting Outline

Opening Ceremony

  • Invite the girls to choose an opening ceremony to begin their meeting.

Make It, Savor It!

  • Help the girls in preparing the dish they have planned. Use the suggestions on page 55 of the adult guide to help set the mood of your meeting.
  • Invite the girls to calculate the food print of this gathering, and create a food print for the journey so far.

Healthy Relationships at the Table and in Life

  • While the girls are preparing the food and eating together, engage them in a discussion about healthy relationships. See page 57 of the adult guide for questions you can use to get the discussion rolling.

 Dishing on Food

  • After cleaning up, guide the girls in a discussion about what makes a meal a happy experience. Use the questions on page 55 of the adult guide to help the girls think about meal times.

So, What Can You Commit To?

  • Encourage the girls to commit to making a personal habit change. Refer to page 56 of the adult guide for commitment suggestions.

Closing Ceremony

  • End this meeting with a ceremony of the girls’ choice. See page 41 for suggestions.

Plan It: Sessions 4 and 5

  • In the next session the Seniors will be investigating local agriculture, so they will need to choose a place to visit and plan the details of the trip. Refer to page 58 in the adult guide for session ideas.
  • The girls will also need to each bring a soil sample to the next meeting.