Meeting 4: MEdia

Meeting 4:

Purpose: Analyze information from the surveys to choose a theme for the MEdia remake that addresses a media issue relevant to the community.

Essential Questions:

• What issues are relevant to the community?

• How can we present this issue, using media tools, in a positive way that will better inform the community?

Materials: Survey Answers, Notebooks, Pen/Pencil


• Review answers gathered by the girls during the interview to compile a list of issues that concern the community. Ask the girls if certain concerns were repeated during the interview by different interviewees.

• Compile a list of issues that the girls found. Narrow it down to 2-3 choices for the MEdia remake.

• Present the choices for the MEdia remake. In addition to those, consider the following choices:

  • Create a camp newspaper. Have the girls write the articles neatly. Counselors will assemble the paper and photocopy in the office.
  • Have the girls put together an art show that addresses your chosen issue and shows girls and women in a positive light. Have them hang the show and create flyers to advertise.
  • Create a photo storybook using a digital camera. Have the girls storyboard and use costumes. Have someone print the photos and campers assemble them into a book and add captions.
  • Create a fashion spread for a magazine using realistic girls. Have the girls plan the outfits, models, and settings and do a descriptive write-up for each photo.
  • Choose a media project and define roles that the girls can fill (examples: writer, artist, photographer, etc). Assign roles based on interest. They may work in pairs or small to achieve their goals.

Wrap Up Questions:

• What media tools are we using to present our idea?

• What message will our MEdia project send to the community?