Meeting 4: Breathe

Meeting 4:

Supplies and Resources

  • Breathe Cadette Girl Scout Journey book
  • Markers, pens
  • Paper, glue, scissors, and tape
  • Materials for the Aromatic Bath Bag
  • Materials for the Rose and Lime Scented Lotion
  • Healthy snack

Meeting Outline

Opening Ceremony: Girl’s choice, refer to p. 42 for ideas

Activity: Air Quality Log

  • The Compare Air log can be found on pages 14 and 15 of the girls’ Journey book. Take time during this meeting to discuss the log and have them begin filling it out. Refer to page 44 of the adult guide for more information about this activity.

Activity: Aromatic Flair

  • During this activity, the girls will make Aromatic Bath Bags and Rose and Lime Scented Lotion. Refer to pages 44 and 45 of the adult guide for more information about this activity.

Activity: Harvesting Particulates

  • Lead the girls in a discussion about particulates and complete the experiment on page 46 of the adult guide. If it is not possible to leave tape in your meeting place, encourage the girls to try the experiment at home and share their results at the next meeting.

Journey Logistics

  • Check in with the girls to see who can bring any of the supplies for the next meeting, or if anyone knows a science teacher who might like to come speak at the meeting.

 Snack Time!

 Closing Ceremony

  • Use the instructions on page 47 of the adult guide to lead this ceremony and create a Breathe mission statement.

Take Home Activity

Since the girls learned about particulates in today’s activity, they will go one step further and research how new technology is used in testing the quality of air, water, and soil. They will bring this information to the next meeting and share it with the group.