Meeting 4: aMuse

Goal: The Juniors continue to explore the many roles available to them and start to learn about stereotypes.

Meeting 4:


  • Girls Scout Junior Adult Guide
  • Sketching paper
  • Pencils and Erasers
  • Sticky Notes (each with large red or blue dot, one for each girl)
  • Team Prop Box
  • Healthy Snack

Opening Ceremony: Girls Are Supposed to Be…

  • Girls will gather in a circle and take turns naming one thing they believe girls are expected to be in life. See page 35 in Adult Guide for instructions and more information.

Time to Mingle

  • Girls learn more about one another and their roles in daily life. Refer to page 36 in your Adult Guide for more information.

Quick Draw

  • Girls will test their drawing skills in a neat way to picture various roles in life. See page 38 of your Adult Guide for more information.

Role –Play Switcheroo

  • Discuss and engage girls in role-playing girls and boys in a classroom situation. Invite girls to act out a typical class scenario, with the “teacher” standing in front, asking questions and encouraging discussion. For more information on activity, refer to page 39 of the Adult Guide.
  • Also discussion stereotypes with girls. Use the Stereotypes- Limited Roles for guidance, which is located on page 38 (sidebar) of your Adult Guide.
  • Snack Time!
  • Since the girls have learned about quick-draw, invite them to have fun “drawing” creatively. Refer to page 39 of Adult Guide.

Closing Ceremony: A New Role to Try

  • Gather girls around Team Prop Box, inviting them to take turns choosing a prop that looks interesting to them.
  • Have girls to name a role they might use it in and inform the group of whether or not it’s a role they already play or might be interested in trying out.