Meeting 3: Sow What?

Goal: Girls explore the food network in their communities and gather ideas, information, and contacts they can use as they begin to think about changing some of the food prints they encounter!

Meeting 3:

Supplies and Resources

  • Sow What? Senior Girl Scout Journey Book
  • Markers, pens, paper, glue, scissors, and tape
  • Copies of pages 44-49 of the adult guide, one for each girl or team of girls
  • Cameras to document the Food Forage activity

Meeting Outline

Opening Ceremony

  • Begin this meeting with a ceremony of the girls’ choice.

Food Forage!

  • Meet as a group before branching out to discuss the activity and address any questions the girls may have. Be sure to everyone understands when and where to meet up after completing the activity.

Gather Up

  • After the food forage, meet with the group and discuss what they found. Use the questions on pages 51 and 52 to guide the discussion.

Closing Ceremony

  • End this meeting with a ceremony of the girls’ choice. See page 41 for closing ceremony suggestions.

Plan It: What Makes a Meal Really Happy

  • The girls will plan the details for the next meeting, for suggestions see pages 52 and 53 of the adult guide. Be sure they designate who will bring what materials, and if a different meeting place is needed they will also need to choose the place and time to meet.