Meeting 24: aMuse

Meeting 24:

Final Celebration: Celebrating Me/ Celebrating Us

Opening ceremony: Roles We’ve Discovered for Ourselves

  • Gather girls together ask them to take turns naming a role they now see for themselves that they never would have considered before this aMUSE journey they are now celebrating.

Earning the Try Out! Award

  • The girls will receive their awards, according to the plans they’ve created. They start off by reaching into the Team Prop Box to select a prop at random to symbolize their promise and their courage to continue trying on new roles.
  • For more information refer to page 91 of the Adult Guide.

 AnaMUSE-ing Feast

  • Serve the amuse-bouche snacks or any other snack the girls have decided on, and celebrate!!

Looking Ahead: My Dream Role, My Story

  • As the girls celebrate and enjoy their snacks, invite them to look ahead to new roles they might try in life and how these new roles will shape their life story.
  • Ask the girls the questions listed on page 92 in the Adult Guide.

Closing Ceremony: Autographs All Around

  • Gather the girls together one last time
  • Follow script on page 92 of the Adult Guide

Now, Give Yourself a Round of Applause

  • Refer to page 93 in the Adult Guide for more details!