Meeting 23: aMuse

Meeting 23:


  • Girl Scout Junior Adult Guide

Opening Ceremony

Dancing Hands

  • Invite girls to line up one behind the other, facing a large mirror. Have the girl in front hold her arms out to her sides, waving them up and down and moving her hands in various patterns, while holding the rest of her body still.
  • The girls being her hide their bodies behind hers, so only their arms and hands show. They wave their arms in patterns similar to the leader’s to create a dance of gracefully moving arms and hands. The girls can take turns being first in line for this “hand dance.”

aMUSE-ing Snack: Get-Up-and-Go Gorp

  • See page 87 in the Adult Guide for recipe.

Dance Party

  • Get out the music selections the girls decided on and get their Dance Party started
  • Follow the script, for more assistance, on page 87 of the Adult Guide.

Planning the Final Celebration

  • Let the girls know that the next time they get together will be a special celebration of all they have done along this journey.
  • Take some time now for the girls to plan what they want to do and decide what role they will each play in executing the final celebration.
  • Suggest that the girls first brainstorm together exactly what they would like this final journey celebration to be. This will also be the time to set the date, time, and place and create a guest list, if needed.
  •  For more information on this activity refer to page 88 of the Adult Guide.

Closing Ceremony: Thanking our Bodies

  • Gather the girls and say, we just joined together to thank our bodies with a big Dance Party and a healthy snack. Now let’s take turns saying one thing we will each do this week to show appreciation for our body.

Looking Ahead to the Final Celebration

  • Check with the girls and your Network to make sure all plans are on track. Remind the girls to bring their books, at the Closing Ceremony, they’ll double as autograph books that the girls will sign for one another.