Meeting 22: aMuse

Goal: The Juniors explore how healthy bodies support them in taking on roles, and how they can support and appreciate their bodies.

Meeting 22:


  • Girls Scout Junior Adult Guide
  • Girls Scout Junior aMUSE (Girls Book)
  • 10-20 photos (from Web, magazine, etc.) of girls and women, not models, of varying sizes, shapes, ethnicities and ages doing something active

Opening Ceremony: Follow This Tune!

  • Invite girls to choose a song (or a verse of a song) they all know, and take turns conducting or leading it. The first conductor moves her arms up and down as the other girls sing.
  • The other girls watch her closely. When her arms are up, they sing fast. When her arms are down, they sing slowly. The conductor may signal to half the group to sing slowly while the other half sings fast.

Sharing Our Accessories

  • Gather girls together and suggest that they strut down the runway with confidence, showing off the special accessory they are wearing.
  • Then get a discussion going about their experiences trying the “Now, Head Out in a Hat or Scarf or…” activity in their books (page 69).
  • For more information on this activity refer to page 85 in the Adult Guide.

Our Bodies: Beautiful and Strong

  • Remind the girls of all that they’ve learned on this journey and the discussion wrap it up by letting the girls know that it’s nice to be attractive, but most roles in life call for bodies that are healthy and skilled.
  • Follow the script on page 86 of the Adult Guide.
  • Snack Time!!

Closing Ceremony