Meeting 21: aMuse

Meeting 21:


  • Girl Scout Junior Adult Guide

Opening Ceremony

Arty Party

  • Suggest that girls turn the meeting space into an art gallery by taping their completed self-portraits to the walls or displaying them on tables around the room, and then hold an arty exhibit-opening party.
  • They girls have fun playing the roles of both artists and gallery visitors. They can walk around and view, compliment, and discuss each other’s work, all while nibbling on an “Arty Party Snack” (see sidebar on page 83 of Adult Guide)

Closing Ceremony: This Is My Story

  • Gather girls around in a circle and pass out small slips of lined paper.
  • For more details of this activity refer to page 83 of the Adult Guide.

Looking Ahead to Session10

  • Ask the girls to try out the “Now, Head Out in a Hat or Scarf or…” activity in their book (page 69), which invites them to wear something a little different than what they would normally wear.
  • Also let the girls know that they’ll enjoy a Dance Party at their next session, so talk a few minutes about what kind of music the girls want to do to. The girls and the Network might round up the music and any equipment needed to play it.
  • Reach out to the Network for ingredients for the Get-Up-and-Go Gorp snack and for photos of active women for “Our Bodies: Beautiful and Strong.” You might ask the girls to bring photos, too.
  • Refer to page 83 of the Adult Guide for more details.