Meeting 20: aMuse

Meeting 20:


  • Girl Scout Junior Adult Guide
  • Selection of portraits of women and girls in any medium (books, magazine, or photos you have)
  • Hand mirrors(one per girl)
  • Variety of art materials (drawing paper, pens, markers, paint, clay, digital camera, found materials)
  • Healthy Snack

Opening Ceremony

Picture This

  • Inform the girls that portraits show more than what a person looks like on the outside. The best portraits might even reveal how someone thinks and feels.
  • Then share portraits of women and girls you’ve brought in to show the Juniors, and the self-portrait of Margaret Bourke-White
  • For more information and portrait of Margaret Bourke-White refer to page 81 of the Adult Guide.

Mirror, Mirror

  • Follow the directions on page 82 of the Adult Guide for this activity.
  • Snack Time!!

Closing Ceremony