Meeting 2: MEdia

Meeting 2:

Purpose: To define a media issue that is relevant to the girls and explore it further through a survey.

Essential Questions:

• Does media accurately represent me?

• What kinds of people and viewpoints are missing from media?

Activity: Designing a Survey

Materials: Notebooks, Scrap Paper, Pen/Pencil, Surveys, Media Board


• Have the girls observe the media board. Ask them, “What message does it send about

women and girls? What are they expected to be? Do you think that is it ok to be different than these images?”

-Follow up questions: “What kinds of people/viewpoints are missing from the board?”

• Tell the girls they will be conducting a survey to monitor our community’s perspectives on media. The information you gather from this survey will be used to create your Media remake project, which will earn you your second award on the journey, the Influence award.

• Ask the girls who they would like to survey (campers, counselors, admin, etc.) Steer them away from surveying campers as it would be difficult and likely interfere with unit schedules.

• Ask the girls to brainstorm and share questions focused on:

·         Needs the community may have that are unmet by media

·         Issues in the community that media may contribute to

·         Aspects of media that the girls want to see changed

• The girls will write up their final survey questions in their notebooks. They should have 5-6 questions. Explain that in the next session, they will conduct their survey.

Counselors: speak to possible interviewees and set up an appropriate time for girls to interview them. If you conduct this session with another unit, have them interview the unit staff from that unit.

Wrap Up Questions:

• How will a survey help us understand the role of media in the community?

• What are some harmful effects of media? What are some helpful effects?