Meeting 2: aMaze!

Meeting 2:

Opening:  Girl Scout Sign, Promise and Law

Main Activities:

Circle of Friends (44 of Leaders Guide)

  • Using newsprint, as a group have the girls call out things they look for in a friend.
  • Give each girl a Circle of Friends sheet and explain that the circle represented their circle of friends. On the inside of the circle, have the girls write down words that represent the qualities that they look for in a friend. On outside of circle, have the girls write down words that represent the qualities that they think they bring into a friendship. Ask if any of the girls want to share what they wrote down. For large groups, break the girls down into smaller groups of 5-8 girls and share within their group.

Discussion questions – Ask the entire group these questions:

1.        Are there words missing from our lists?

2.       Do any of the words in and outside of our circle sound negative? Why?

3.       Are there some qualities that you bring into a friendship but are not returned by your friends?

4.      What is it important to have healthy friendships?

5.       Do we always choose our friends based on positive qualities, or some we sometimes let other factors influence us, such as clothes, money, status? Why?

6.      Talk Show – Ask the Expert (role playing) (page 45-46 of leader book)

7.       Explain to the girls that we are going to be role playing, and that we are not going to poke fun any anyone, but we want to have fun. Have the girls raise their hands into the Girl Scout Sign, and make an agreement that the conversations they have in this group are confidential, and it stays just among us. We care about each other, and there is no blaming allowed.

8.      Work in an area where the girls can pretend there is a stage with a chair for the host, and a couple chairs for the guests. The other girls should sit facing the stage as if they are audience members.

9.      Tell the girls that they are going to take turns being the host of a talk show called, “Ask the Expert.”

a.       Explain that there will be a host (the one who gives advice) and guests (the ones who have friendship issues they want advice on). Ask for volunteers to be the hosts, guests and audience finder (the one who finds the audience member who wants to share and option, and holds a fake microphone).

10.   You will need a total of three hosts, three guests and three audience finders.

a.       It is important for you to serve as the Director of the show. You will need to make sure the girls have fun, but stay in a safe zone so discussions do not get so personal that someone feels threatened.

11.      Host 1 and Guest 1 sit “on stage”.

a.       Audience Finder holds fake microphone and stands off to the side.

b.      Give Guest 1 the Sheet with Sample Scenario #1.

                                                               i.      Both Guest and Host read the scenario quietly. Tell Host they can be creative by introducing the show such as you would see on TV.

                                                              ii.      Guest 1 reads the scenario, and Host can come up with questions. Host should also ask if there are any audience members who have an opinion for the Guest. Audience Finder walks to the audience member and holds out microphone.

c.       Switch to new Host, Guest and Audience Finder for Sample Scenario #2, and again for #3.


  • Close up the role playing game by having all girls sit down and then ask questions.
  • How realistic was the advice offered to the guests? Would you follow this advice? In your life, who can you count on to give good advice about friendship issues?


Shoe Factory (page 51 of leader guide)

  • Have the group take off their shoes and hold them. The girls need to stand in a circle, shoulder to shoulder, and put them in the center of the circle.
  • Girls now choose two different shoes that are not their own and put them on. If the shoes are too small, they can just slip them on halfway.
  • Each girl must then find the mate to each of the shoes she is wearing, and put her foot up against the matching shoe. This may result in the girls looking like they are playing twister, but should be lots of fun!

Closing - Friendship Circle


  • Cadette aMaze Leader Guide
  • Cadette aMaze book
  • Newsprint
  • Markers
  • Circle of Friends Sheet
  • Talk Show Scenarios
  • Pens