Meeting 19: aMuse

Goal: The Juniors explore what beauty means to them, how they see it themselves, and how it informs their story.

Meeting 19:


  • Girls Scout Junior Adult Guide
  • Girls Scout Junior aMUSE (Girls Book)
  • Art books offering a range of images
  • Pad of stick notes
  • Chalkboard, whiteboard or large sheets of paper
  • Writing implements
  • Art supplies (color pencils, paints, paper, construction paper, bits of fabric, foil, wrapping paper, buttons, found objects)
  • Healthy Snack

Opening Ceremony: Me and You

  • Ask one girl to start off by naming something she likes about herself and then asking the girl next to her “what do you like about yourself?”
  • The girls should continue around the circle numerous times

 Defining Real Beauty

  • Remind the girl that they have just told a story to an audience about the importance of steering clear of stereotypes and not letting someone else’s ideas limit what women and girls can do.
  • Now it is time to explore their own thoughts and feelings about beauty and the importance of not getting”typed” into someone else’s definition of beauty.
  • For more information refer to page 79 of the Adult Guide.

Chat time

  • Follow script on page 80 of the Adult Guide.
  • Snack Time!!

Closing Ceremony