Meeting 18: aMuse

Meeting 18:


  • Girls Scout Junior Adult Guide
  • Whatever items girls will need for performance
  • Earning the Speak Out! Award: awards for each Junior
  • Healthy Snack

Opening Ceremony: Wacky Warm-up

  • Girls do silly shout outs to get ready
  • Refer to page 76 in Adult Guide for more information


  • The girls present their story and then deliver their message to their audience, asking them to join with the Juniors to bust stereotypes and support women and girls in whatever roles they choose in life.
  • For more details refer to page 77 in the Adult Guide.

Award Presentation and Closing Ceremony: Earning the Speak Out! Award

  •  Look to page 77 in the Adult Guide for more information.

Looking Ahead to Session 9

  • Explain that the “last act” of the journey begins next session. Tell girls they will need to bring their books with their filled-in Role Call Logs to the next gathering.
  • For more information on looking ahead turn to page 77 of the Adult Guide.